Xbox One supports 4K for games, PS4 for video only

By Alan Ng - Feb 3, 2015

There has been new rumors suggesting that a new PS4 SKU for 2015 is on the way, one that will support 4K technology. We are hearing the same thing about the Xbox One, with a new model thought to be on the way to market later this year.

What we have seen though, is a general misunderstanding that 4K gaming is on the way to the PS4 and Xbox One. We’re here to remind you that this isn’t the case, as the PS4 and Xbox One have enough problems bringing out games at 1080p, 60FPS – let alone a 4K ‘Ultra HD’ resolution of 3840 X 2160 which newer TV models support at the moment.

The rumor has started from Forbes, who in turn cite Netflix as the source who say that it is coming this year. Assuming that it is true, then it obviously alludes to 4K video support for apps such as Netflix, rather than 4K games.

We are still many years away from 4K gaming, as lovely as that sounds. Watching 4K video content on Netflix though would still be fantastic in our eyes, but we had to laugh at the general overreaction that we are seeing right now on social media.


How can we have 4K gaming when we can’t hit 1080p and 60FPS across all games at the moment? Talk of a console ‘update’ is strange too since as far as we’re aware the PS4 already has support for 4K photos and videos.

It’s even stranger when we recollect previous statements from Microsoft confirming that the Xbox One does have support for a native 4K resolution and upscaling to 4K for games as well as video content.

Sony’s official stance on the matter is that the PS4 supports 4K resolution for photos and video content, but the console does not support 4K gaming.

So about the rumor of ‘new consoles’ coming, we’re not sure about it. If anything, it could just be a software update on Microsoft and Sony’s part so that it adds support for Netflix 4K content – not a full blown new console launch.

We’ll update this once more details come in, but give us your thoughts on this. Would you like to see 4K video support from Netflix on your console?

Did you even realize that the Xbox One supposedly has 4K gaming support built in, whereas the PS4 does not?

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  • marhorn

    Yes, soon xbox One will update to Windows 10 and with DX 12 the possibilities are much higher! Cloud based graphical frame computation. Just like when Xbox 360 came out with a placeholder operating system, xbox One will have an amazing, clean and fast os! Sony is almost bankrupt….that’s why they sold their games (don’t really care about another zombie game) s end this biased site has omitted that from the news! End of the day…..Xbox is better, system and with tablets and phones all part of the same amazing eco system…. Those of us that have it…. Just know its better!

    • Josh101

      You apparently didn’t hear Microsoft explicitly say DX12 will have no effect on XboxOne. The XboxOne API is already close to the metal. DX12 is for computers that have a GPU being bottle-necked by the CPU. It will have no bearing on the XboxOne’s capabilities.

      “Xbox is better, system and with tablets and phones all part of the same amazing eco system…. Those of us that have it…. Just know its better!”

      No, Sony’s ecosystem is better. With Cross-play, Cross-buy, PS+ across 3 systems for one price, Project Morpheus, PS Vita remote play, PS Now support across PS3/PS4/PS Vita and phones and tablets. Not to mention the PS4 being a better system than the XboxOne. That is not debatable. PS4 having higher ROPS at 32 compared to XboxOne with 16. PS4 having higher compute units for graphics processing at 20 compared to XboxOne’s 14.

      • blzzy_gie

        Faboy alert !!!!!!

        • Josh101

          Hell yes I am, look at all the reasons above!!! 😀

  • truevip

    Really ? my xbox does 4k, what is a so hard to believe? I think it’s funny that you playstation boys always jump in to defend your system so fast, kind of like you’re jealous that you picked the wrong system… just because your system claims to have a few pieces of hardware that are a little bit more advanced however one thing that Claimes to be better gddr5 memory , is really built for video not memory, so they kind of lied to you there. you know the systems are identical in terms of real-world performance that you can actually notice however I choose an Xbox because its an American based company that cares about their American customers and they ensure that their internet support service is always number one Sony can never claim that

    • truevip

      Not to mention that my microsoft xbox links up with my microsoft account which means I can view all content on my One Drive, and I can also connect my xbox the computer and mess with the details… pretty much if you want a console with PC like connectivity and possibilities not to mention the ability to hack and manipulate the system, over-clock, or retrofit PC devices…. xbox is the right choice

      • Josh101

        Um, you cannot over-clock, retrofit or hack and manipulate the XboxOne. It is a closed ecosystem and you can’t change it.

    • nochill

      First off truevip your xbox one is not running 4k because it doesn’t support it yet also why isnt gddr5 in xbox because xbox claimed to be the all around entertainment system and they didnt put that in that is embarrassing because ps4 is more for gaming and still have better hardware.

    • Josh101

      GDDR5 is not for video. It’s gaming ram. DDR3 is for media, which the XboxOne is fitted with.

      “I choose an Xbox because its an American based company that cares about their American customers and they ensure that their internet support service is always number one Sony can never claim that”

      AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH AHAHHA HAAHAHA AHAHAH AHAHHHAH AHHAH. Seriously? That’s why they attempted to destroy our rights to the First Sale Doctrine right? That’s why they attempted to have us always check-in online right? That’s why they are targeting ad’s on a pay-for service right? Pfftt. WOW

  • Hilarious

    LMFAO…Y’all really believe a system that struggles with 1080p 60 frames per second gaming can some how, miraculously, support over double that resolution? Esram aint cutting it with 1080p but it can handle 4K…right? You Xbox fan boys will believe anything microsoft tells you. At least SONYs realistic with they’re expectations.

    • Jimmy-kun

      3840 x 2160 = 4k
      1920 x 1080 = 1080p
      4k= (2×1920) x (2X1080) = 4x(1920 x 1080) = 4x1080p
      Not double, 4k is four times 1080p

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    The PS – BORE can not do 4K gaming, but the XBox One will have no trouble with it. Game developers will just have to get better at coding, or Microsoft will have to put out more streamlined API’s such the developers can remain lackadaisical. Oh wait, DirectX 12. Ya, thats coming. 4K gaming is much closer than you think. XBox has dedicated graphics RAM, PS-Bore does not. Sony didn’t even use the right kind of RAM, G – stands for GRAPHICS, and they use it for everything. They designed the PS4 very poorly, I’m glad they are thinking of producing a new model.

    • Mike

      Bahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahah, you are hilarious…….

    • Josh101

      “G – stands for GRAPHICS, and they use it for everything. They designed the PS4 very poorly, I’m glad they are thinking of producing a new model.”

      That explains why Sony chose to use GDDR5 gaming ram right? Microsoft chose to use DDR3, which is for media, not gaming. Sony made a gaming console, Microsoft did not. Also, ESRAM frame-buffer isn’t large enough to handle 1080P resolution in a efficient way. You think it will be able to handle 4 times the information? It’s literally impossible. Neither system is fitted to handle 4K gaming. Not by far. You need to research…

    • Oliver Smith

      Errrm… Either you Are Stupidly blind or you missed your emergency appointment to Dumbass Gaming Clinic or you Married your Cheap Looking XboxOne Chasis.

      Anyone with brains can clearly see The PS4 is the Dominant Console this generation, I accept Last Gen PlasticBrickcase360 won the console wars.
      But this Gen PS4 has Crushed, Smashed and swept up peices of Microsofts Cheapbox V.2

  • goonman

    Xbox one was specifically designed for 4k gaming. Its Esram is a critical component of it. Next gen gaming hasnt started yet as we all have noticed and only one machine can do it-and it aint the pos4.

    • Mike

      Xbox One could possibly run Pong at 4K. If there were no background effects.

      • Josh101

        I see what you did there. 😛

    • nochill

      Goonman you dont know anything about xbox one or ps4 you are just one retarted xbox bandwagon because ps4 is so much stronger than xbox and can run at higher fps during higher quality games. Just as mike said it could maybe run pong in 4k but other then that it sucks.

    • You are flat out wrong

      You couldn’t be more wrong if if you tried, ShitzaFailEver.

    • Josh101

      The frame buffer on 32Mb’s of ESRAM is too small for efficient 1080P resolution. With that fact, it CANNOT run native 4K resolution. It could upscale, but so could the PS4. Hell youtube upscales videos, each time you change the resolution….

      • Mike

        What Josh said. My damn TV upscales everything to 4K. Ps4 looks amazing on my Samsung uupscaled but I’m highly doubting either machine will ever push a native 4K game. Unless it’s just pong, maybe pitfall