Treyarch Zombies live stream fuels Black Ops 3 rumors

By Alan Ng - Feb 3, 2015

We have only just had our slice of new zombie content thanks to Exo Zombies from Sledgehammer Games. However, original developers Treyarch have just teased something on their Twitter account, suggesting that Treyarch zombies could be coming back to your consoles very soon.

We are not expecting to see Black Ops 3 announced until this Summer, but are Treyarch getting the party started earlier at their upcoming DICE Summit?

You may not be aware but the DICE Summit 2015 is taking place this Wednesday and speakers at the event include the likes of Treyarch Studio head Mark Lamia and also Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida.


The developer has sent out a Tweet hours ago, telling everyone that there will be a Zombies livestream from Treyarch on Wednesday – even using a zombies hashtag in the Tweet.

A teaser image was shown with the Tweet, which shows a poster of a man drinking the Juggernog bottle, a full version of this can be seen below.

As you can imagine, fans are getting very excited about what could be shown from Treyarch, as it could be an early teaser for Black Ops 3 zombies mode.

Other fans are being more adventurous in predicting that it could also be the moment when Treyarch breaks free from Call of Duty and announces a standalone Zombies game which would also be amazing if true.

Either way, Wednesday is now a big day for zombie fans. Let us know your theories and predictions for the surprise event. Are you ready to see Treyarch zombies already after playing Exo Zombies from Sledgehammer?

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  • mike

    Advanced warefare will never compare to black ops zombies. I would love to see a black ops 3 with same zombies game play and maybe a new story and characters or continue the old one since sum ppl think it was not the end in origins. Just bring us great zombies like black ops 2 n I’ll b happy

  • joe

    I wonder if zombies will turn out good this time cus last time it was ok but the story was terrible and not even explaiend while I think Codbo2 Was A great Game The Zombies Was Even Better Than Before But The Story Was Realy Bad And i think The First Cast
    Of charecters Was Great But This Cast Was awful i mean Samuel Wasnt To Bad And Neither was Rustmen and I gotta Admit Mob Of The Deads Cast Was great but That Doesnt Help The ending It Was Terrible Way To End The Epicness Of It All But They Did It Anyway Honestly Where was They Going With This One?