New Jeep Cherokee recall for 2014 – 2015 models

The recalls have already started to pile up for 2015, and yet another has been announced. This time it is the turn of Jeep Cherokees because an issue with its software can cause the airbags to be a little too sensitive, and in rare cases can deploy when the vehicle is driven a little too extreme.

This new Jeep Cherokee recall for 2014 – 2015 models is just the latest issue to hit Fiat Chrysler, and we suspect this will not be the last this year. Anyway, let’s concentrate on one recall at a time and inform you as to what this problem is all to do with.

We recently learned from Car Recalls that 228,000 of these SUVs are to be recalled worldwide, with 170,000 of those being in the Untied States. The reason for this is because a small number of these vehicles have seen their airbags deployed when being driving to the extreme.

Latest Jeep Cherokee recall notice

You can understand why there would be such a concern, as if an airbag deployed while not involved in a crash, then it could lead to a crash. Thankfully, there is a fix, and that is to take your affected Cherokee to your local Fiat Chrysler dealer, where they will make changes to its software so that the airbags are not overly sensitive.

Customers are being asked not to drive their Jeep Cherokees too extremely, and make certain they contact them the moment they receive their recall notices.



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