Netflix down on Feb 3 with global problems

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 3, 2015

The Netflix video streaming service is down today on Feb 3, 2015. Users have reported to Product Reviews in the last hour and the service is experiencing an outage on consoles and many other platforms in multiple countries.

We have run a few tests in the last 30 minutes, which revealed Netflix is down right now on PlayStation 3 and the latest PS4 system. We also hear from subscribers on Twitter about problems getting Netflix app working on different platforms.

Netflix down on Feb 3

Is Netflix not working for you today and if so, what platform is the service down on? It is worth noting that this entertainment service has a massive reach not only in the UK and United States, but also on many platforms that range from Smart TVs, consoles, iPad and Android tablets, Apple TV, set-top-boxes, smartphones, and many other systems.

Considering the reach of this entertainment app, we have seen demand create outages in the past. We have reached out to the official Netflix support channel on Twitter and haven’t received a response at the time of publication, although any updates will be published below.


Update: The Netflix help Twitter account has explained that they are aware of connection issues. The tweet above reveals “some members” are experiencing problems on the web site and this impacts all regions, although they didn’t directly mention the streaming issues we have received reports about today.

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  • Greg C

    Didn’t effect me haha. If it did I would use a thing called a DVD player. Maybe some of you have heard of that? Haha

  • Christina Perry

    There’s always AmazonPrime and MovieCapitals(dot)net – who really even needs Netflix anymore haha

  • big j

    down on pc in us

  • Gary

    Xbox One Netflix App Down 🙁

  • Dave Van Gal

    I live in Austin & have a smart tv.. Netflix is down :/

  • Valerie Theriault Emerson

    omg its down on me also I have a lap top, dell, im forced to watch charter tv which I HATE… doomed..

  • NetflixLover

    What am I going to do!!!!!!!!!!!! I was catching up on some episodes and I rarely have time to watch
    So sad.. What can be the reason?

  • NetflixLover

    noooooo netflix is down 🙁