GTA Online servers down for six hour maintenance

By Alan Ng - Feb 3, 2015

For those who are currently wondering why the GTA Online servers are not working on February 3, then we can remind you that Rockstar are currently performing some scheduled maintenance with the game.

The GTA Online service is unavailable as we speak, as the maintenance window has already occurred and will be ongoing for a total of six hours.

If you attempt to play GTA V online now, most of you will probably get the “Files required to play GTA Online could not be downloaded from the rockstar game service” error message.

For those asking when GTA Online will be back up in the US and UK, we can tell you that the maintenance started at 12am Eastern Time on February 3.


This means that you should be able to play again at 6am Eastern Time. For those on GMT timezone in the UK, that relates to 11am in the morning – so don’t worry.

The image above is a screenshot from Rockstar’s support page which confirms that GTA Online servers are affected, as well as the GTA Social Club website down as well.

Let us know your thoughts on this surprise maintenance – have you been trying to play within the last few hours? Hopefully this will be the last downtime before a new update arrives in February.

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  • Curbstomp4jesus

    “The Rockstar game services are unavailable right now.” Well past the 6-8 hour window for the scheduled maintenance.

  • brian

    Also still don’t have files. You keep saying it’s good, but there not working.

  • Brandon

    I live in New York. It is 3:51 pm and I still can’t get in wtf

  • The servers were actually down for eight hours, not six. Of course, we understand that Rockstar has a difficult time estimating how long things take.