Files required brings GTA Online servers down again

By Alan Ng - Feb 3, 2015

We told you yesterday that GTA Online servers were down, due to scheduled maintenance from Rockstar. However now, we can see that our game has just gone offline again, once again showing the persistent “Files required to play GTA Online” could not be downloaded from the Rockstar game service error.

The strange thing is, is that Rockstar’s GTA Online server status page at the Rockstar support shows no outages on any platform at the moment.

However, we can confirm that this isn’t true as we’re seeing the Files Required error right now which is preventing us from playing.


We also see that Rockstar has removed the maintenance message that was highlighted in red yesterday on their Support page – which suggests to us that this is a new problem that they were not expecting and is certainly not scheduled maintenance.

Are the GTA V servers down for you today on February 3, late on Tuesday evening? Hopefully this is just a sporadic case and we’ll be able to connect soon.

The fact that it isn’t the first time that we’ve seen this specific error though, may be a sign of frustration since it doesn’t appear to have been fully fixed.

Give us your status at the moment. Is GTA Online not working for you at the moment with the same error or can you play without any problems?

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  • Mohd Tabish

    Getting the same error since 5 days….

  • tim

    Tried several times just now for ps3, get a message saying ‘The rockstar game services are unavailable right now@ ‘ but the rockstar website says there is no problem.

  • I was having the same problems yesterday, and I am in Porto Alegre, Brazil! I think this is happening in the whole world.

  • The Rockstar status page is worthless. It often reports that everything is good when it clearly isn’t.

  • eddie

    Finally got in

  • Nice Guy

    Los Angeles. Says Rockstar game services are unavailable right now. Been happening since about 7 pm Pacific Time.

  • eddie

    I can’t get in. I’m in Houston Tx, how about the rest of the world?

  • Link

    Happening here too. West west ya’ll.

  • missmareaxo

    Game is down for me 🙁 lol

  • moops

    Getting that message now… godspeed rockstar

  • tiffany7909

    Game is down once again it was fine earlier round 8pm central time now its the same error message at 10:56pm central what the hell is going ob

    • eddie

      Ya then all of the sudden, kicked out.

  • Dsz

    I’m in milw wi it’s 10:55 and my gta is also not working wat bs I’m very unhappy

  • CorissaRogue

    SOME are having no problems, like my sister in the SAME house as me, while others like myself are unable to play. What the actual hell, Rockstar? No inquiry replies, support replies, official statement. Nothing. No acknowledgement whatsoever from Rockstar.

  • Nicklay4653

    Can’t play. Still the same error. Tuesday Feb 3rd 2015. 11:17 pm eastern time.

  • dj

    Yes I’m having the same damn issues it fuckin sucks ass.

    • Random_Black_man

      Mine is down too smh