FIFA 15 servers, EA’s FUT down on Feb 3

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 3, 2015

You might be wondering why FIFA 15 and EA’s FUT web app is down on February 3, 2015. The situation isn’t entirely clear, but problems with FIFA 15 online started early on Feb 3 and continued throughout the day for many players. It’s clear EA servers are not available for thousands right now.

Gamers are looking to see if official FUT 15 maintenance is taking place for PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox and PC platforms. We have managed to get online with FIFA 15 in the UK, although the EA FC server is down today for many across the globe.


One Product Reviews reader said, “Fifa 15 will not let me online and I cannot see any maintenance news, or problems listed on the official EA Sports Twitter account”. Another added, “The EA server status shows no problems with FIFA 15, or the FUT app”.

FIFA 15 FUT web app down on Feb 3

Are you having problems accessing online play for FIFA 15 and is the FUT app down today for you? We will update this article with any information left by official support.

Update: EA just confirmed they are experiencing problems with FUT and their “team is working to resolve the connectivity issue”. It is also clear the issues are impacting FIFA 15 and FUT’s web app on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Leave your comments about your connection issues below.

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  • ben

    still cant get on

  • hugo

    I can´t get in to the servers. I try many times every day but nothing happens. How long will it be down?

  • Marc

    We want legends for pc platform!

  • Mike

    I had the day off work, this has been a nightmare trying to play FIFA 15 online today. It’s been down most of the day, FUT servers are rubbish.

  • Tony

    I can’t get online with FUT, just seen that EA servers are not working right according to the Twitter page.