BT Yahoo Mail problems continue in Feb

While we have spoken many times about Yahoo Mail not working over in the US, it appears that this time, BT Yahoo Mail problems in the UK are occurring as we speak.

We have had several reports of the Yahoo Mail service unavailable for UK customers, although there has been no statement from Yahoo yet confirming an outage.

On social media, we can already see that service has gone down in some areas although it doesn’t appear to be widespread at this moment.


It’s obviously not the first time that we have seen Yahoo Mail have issues though. Most of the time the Yahoo Mail outages are not really well documented either, as opposed to say when Facebook goes offline for an hour and all hell breaks loose.

We all need a fully functioning email service though to resume our day to day duties, so hopefully service will be restored completely later on in the day.

Again we repeat it doesn’t look like the issues are widespread, but we’ll keep you informed nevertheless. Have you been having problems accessing Yahoo Mail today – get in touch with us below.



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