Battlefield Hardline beta trial loading time too slow

By Alan Ng - Feb 3, 2015

We told you that the Battlefield Hardline beta had gone live first on Xbox. Now we are pleased to confirm that the Battlefield Hardline beta on PS4 is live as well, but there seems to be an issue with a very long install time.

We’re not talking about the actual Battlefield Hardline beta download, as that alone is 2.77GB on PS4. Once you have installed that, you are going to be surprised to see that there appears to be a second waiting time before you can actually play.

When you move past the main menu, you’ll see a message which states that Battlefield Hardline is ‘currently installing’, with a beta trial % beginning at 25%.


We can see from our own game that this is moving up very slowly, even on a 100MB connection – maybe 20 minutes for an extra 10% progress.

For those who are on slow connections, we hope that this doesn’t involve an even longer wait as it could get unbearable for those that are just wanting to play after installing the initial file.

Are you in the exact same position right now, where you are staring at the Battlefield Hardline beta trial loading time on your screen?

Let us know your thoughts on this below, happy gaming to everyone once you actually manage to get into a game.

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  • Sven-Rune Johansen

    I`ve benn waiting for 70 Hours and its downloaded 56 %. Ffs, this cant be serious!

  • Robert Delarge

    Yup i just upgraded from 5mbsps to 10mbps the download time went from 55 minutes to fifteen minutes after about half was downloaded then i had to sign up to somthing new i dont like doing that o.k i signed up now its at another screen saying 57 percent installed but it is taking long beta trial im going to burn out my lcd waiting like this.

  • hezzu

    Put on rest mode/sleep mode ps4 helps really lot i installed on sleep mode 30% on half hour
    unlike when system was on it was like 6 hours for 30% NOW i have played much much……



    • Danimal Holland

      This doesn’t work as the download only happens when the game is open, putting into rest mode closes the game.

  • Ady

    Just go to homescreen, tap option (while BF:H is selected), then information. It’ll show you the download progress.

  • guest

    55% 🙁

  • Chriso M

    Absolute FUBAR!……jus sayin

  • jackman2647

    went up 1 percent in 20 minutes wtf

  • jackman2647

    been at 26% for 9 hours straight wtf ps4

  • Kabloomi

    started at 25% and by 5 1/2 hours, im at 30%. I hope its worth the wait

  • ChampMcKowski

    Started off at 15% been waiting 9h and now it is at 95%

  • tns89

    %43 in 3 hours.

  • Hello45678

    It me 24 hours to get 6%

  • Spider – Potato

    I started at 35% and it’s been like 10 mins and now I’m on 40%

  • TheBusterMan

    By the time it instals,the beta will have ended!

  • Tarek Assem

    It is taking forever! Been more than 24 hours and still 70%.
    Screw it I will wait for the release.


    It’s an 11gb download. EA doesn’t include an estimated finishing time and everyone loses their minds.

  • Tylet

    Look at all those Cod Noobies

  • Bowman

    I didn’t have this issue when I installed the beta for the first time on my ps4, the night of day one. However, it disappeared from my dashboard when I was done playing during my lunch break today (Thursday), and now I’m stuck here at 39 percent after an hour. This didn’t even download the first time I ran it yesterday, so I’m very disappointed.

  • Miles Jones

    This install is RIDICULOUS! I’m on crap school internet and it took Tuesday night and all of Wednesday to download. It’s Thursday and the install has been stuck at 50% for almost an hour.

  • Collin

    The beta trial loading screen has been in 50s for 2 days

  • xXx_FaZe-UrMum_xXx

    GG EA…

  • RSM72

    This is totally bone!!!
    I mean you can’t even play anything else whilst in 2nd download!!!!

  • Jeepguyusmc

    I’m still at 42% I noticed every time I restart the application it goes up by one

  • SpoomMcKay

    I have slow internet (barely 1mbs) so basically I guess I’ll never get to play this?

  • FazerT

    Took just over a couple of hours for me here in the UK. I only have a 8Mbs internet but I did the DNS trick Mike describes further down I the comments and it speeded it up immensely.

  • Chris

    its been over 24 hours and I’m at 65%… i might as well not even get my hopes up to play the game at all…

  • Dara Hartnett

    It started at 75% for me what the hell.

  • someone

    If you guys go to informations of the beta it says it is an eleven gb download. That’s what you are downloading. At least it keeps going even after closing the app so you don’t need to wait forever without doing anything.

  • Ali

    Omg dude i thought that was only me i get %1 in 5 minutes sometimes even longer. I was really excited :/…. Hope it installs untill the beta ends 😀

  • John

    Well after 4 hours I’m at 55% wtf am I downloading

  • Jersey201

    Update ya’ll internet connection and go wired. Less then a 40min in at 61%. Can’t wait to see how good or bad this game is.

  • Tony

    I started and am still at 27%.. So, to those who’ve played it. Is it worth the wait?

  • poop

    I started at 24% -.- Just as I started typing this it jumped to 25%… only took about a half hour.

  • The_Fox

    At 72% after an hour and a half and it looks like I’m one of the lucky ones… :-/

    • The_Fox

      But I know just about everything there is to know about the Battlelog…

  • 69

    Definitely not gonna be able to play today

  • 69

    Jesus Christ

  • Sincere

    And thats why I wont preorder from EA, rather buy it used and let gamestop make a profit than these fxcks-.- oh and 5 bucks off lmao

    • Sincere

      Oh and the servers will be down a week or two at launch lol js

  • Max

    im stuck on 24% i thought it starts at 25%

    • Max

      Never Mind, Im On 25% Now!

  • Mike

    What the hell man I just finished downloading but when I try to play im stuck on a infinite black loading screen im starting to get really annoyed

  • Idk

    I’m stuck at 48% lol

  • Irving

    Sucks to be y’all, Sorry guys.
    Mine finished in 2.5 hours. But 300mbps connection. Yet I do agree. With this download speed it should of been done in a hour. This is PS4.

  • The_Scarab

    Sure sign that EA is STILL not taking us seriously…I say we hold our money for a few days after release so these dummies can appreciate what waiting feels like…WE do matter after all…as it is our money that keeps THEIR lights on!

  • Skksks

    It finished downloading this morning at 8AM, It is now 82% installed and its 1:44

  • Sean

    Can I still install it with the application closed??

    • nickl84

      I think so, I closed the app for a few minutes, reopened and it was up by 2%.

  • Tatertot

    8 day open beta cause it takes that long to download and install

  • nickl84

    I just want to know if I close the app to play another game will the 2nd install /download still be in process

    • FazerT

      Not if the game you play requires Internet. It will pause the download.

  • Matt

    Took 21 hours to install

    • Sincere

      Da fxck lol

    • Joshua

      You left your ps4 on the whole time?

      • =CUMMINS=

        You can adjust your settings to where you can download while in rest mode

  • Miguel Nunez

    Not very happy with EA this also happend with plants vs zombies and I paid for that! To make it even worse they don’t even communicate with us when there is a whole article about this problem.

  • The Smiley Merc

    Just read carefully the other comments, the 2-something GB download is “fake” if you press the “options” button(on the PS4 that is) and go to ‘Information’ you’ll see the download is not over… mine is 7.60GB/11.61GB, that’s why (in game) I’m stuck on 65% ‘Installation’……Cause it’s still downloading…..

  • Tatertot

    wait 2 days to download and then install?.. how does that work!!!

  • The Smiley Merc

    I’m stuck in 63% and I’ve been waiting for a looong time, ops just turned 64%, how great is that?(irony), we can’t even play other games because it would f. the hole thing up… I hope I can still play this thing today(most likely can’t) Not a good 1st impression EA, not good at all… 8(

    • d

      you can play other games it just stops but does not reset the process

  • Tatertot

    2.5 Mbps??? My network is not this slow ever!!

  • Madmod000

    Im still stuck on % 86 WTF

  • Tatertot

    WTF??.. at now 4 hours to install and only 60%

  • Joel

    They should f****** do as other games do
    We download directly from psn store then we play it
    not download 2.77 gb from psn store then wait years to download on the game client
    Bad move EA, Bad move

  • Demonzsole

    mine started on 77% (lucky) but it only on 85% which took 2 hours (unlucky) im nearly gonna destroy my own ps4 (not really)!!!

  • SatanX

    Mine just downloaded but, when I try to start it… just crashes… =

    • Demonzsole

      im at 9.99GB

  • AJ

    I’m just sat here waiting for the beta to “install” and I read some comments and then find out that if I go to information there’s an extra download time I’m at 6.98GB/11.61GB comment what your at

  • Skeet313

    Mine seems like it’s loaded and installed on ps4, when I turn it on though it’s just the video footage playing non stop and the loading icon spinning continuously. Anyone got any advice?

    • FazerT

      It’s just EA beta servers struggling under the demand of tens of thousands of simultaneous 11gb downloads. Their corporate network is probably choking

      • Skeet313

        Thanks for the update

  • Ryno

    (Ps4) Oh now I see. It was just a joke. If you check the downloads screen on your xmb menu it will tell you the beta is “installed” however, if you press the options button on your xmb menu and check the information tab you will see the game is nowhere near finished the download proccess. It will be roughly 3 GB out of 11.61GB. Ha! Good one guys! Thats a funny joke! But hey jokes on you because now i can stare at my empty battlelog for the 6-10 hours! :p

    • winning001

      Ryno is onto is press options on the beta icon and go to info it will tell u its still downloading mines 10gb/ 11.61gb I started the download last night at 3am ffs

      • Proud Middleclass American

        Should have a PC…took me around 30 minutes and I was playing…sorry

  • Ryno

    What’s strange is that is says “installing” at the main menu. Not downloading/ loading.
    I’m on ps4, took about 2 hours to download from psn store. It said the file was 11.5 GB… Soooo not sure why it would take longer to “install” than to download the game……Something fishy here.

    • Demonzsole

      i mean it’s the beta?? WHAT COULD TAKE SO LONG FOR A FLIPPIN BETA??? PS4 need to upgrade their system alot! Normally to dwnload a game it would take a shorter time than this… FML too…

      • Scott

        It isnt the ps4 its just the game they have f’d up

  • rj


    • rj

      Thing. You know what the hell I meant.

  • FatwaSnowman

    2 hrs 52%. F-U EA.

  • Draoi

    This is BS I spend all that time downloading the game and I have to sit at 75% for how much longer. Get your site down creators.

  • neez

    the reason it takes so long is because its an 11.5gb game even tho it says 2.77gb on the console im downloading it on the pc and it says 11.5bg so that maybe the reason

  • FrankSurplus

    Be patient, its a BETA, it will have problems.

  • Vincent Proteau

    Holy Crap at 50 mbps I started the download at 7pm CST. My PS4 went to rest mode due to inactivity as I did something else while waiting for the install. It’s now 4 hours later and the damn thing is only at 52%. At this rate the folks in Battlefield might just want to extend their Beta Window if they truly want to test the robust abilities of their game….unless this was the test, patience….?

    • Vincent Proteau

      Is it too late to cancel my pre-order?? Yeah, I’m looking at you EA when I said that.

      • rj

        Haha cancel your pre order cos the BETA takes too long to install. Please just cancel it I don’t wanna play with a buncha morons like I did in bf4.

        • swocky

          Puss off you rj you grubby little ea shill

      • BobTuck

        Yes, because you were looking at Activision…

  • Alfredo Perez

    Download outside of the game took a good hour and a half with installation, once I start the game it stay on loading screen showing only the cutscene with the blue arrow spinning…? Is it installing? Help!!?! I’m on ps3

    • ninjamonkey901

      I had this problem with my ps4 just do a restart of your ps3 and you should be good to go

  • joe

    And I’m barely over 60%. F you dice.

  • joe

    Yeah I’ve got 50 mbps download speeds been “installing” for over 4 hours. What a joke.