Advanced Warfare PS4 1.10 update live with massive notes

By Alan Ng - Feb 3, 2015

We have some good news for COD players on PS4 now. The expected Advanced Warfare PS4 1.10 update has just gone live this morning, with the file size confirmed to be 1.52GB in size.

We remember that the last update for the game on PS4, which was version 1.08 was half the size of this latest one at around 500MB.

Hopefully it’s an indication that Sledgehammer Games has found the time to significantly update the PS4 version matching that of the Xbox platforms which should already have this update.

We can tell you that there is a reason that the Advanced Warfare PS4 1.10 patch is over 1GB – it contains a massive amount of changes which Sledgehammer has already detailed on the official forum.


They include a whole host of changes that cover all aspects of the game from bug fixes to weapon balances as well to four key weapons in the game – including the AE4 which now has reduced recoil.

We can see that Sledgehammer has also issued a fix for the rare crash issue when using camos on a weapon, plus offering general matchmaking and connectivity improvements as well which you’ll be pleased to hear.

You can check out the full Advanced Warfare PS4 1.10 patch notes here. As we mentioned above, Xbox owners should already have this, but it should be live on PS4 now as well as PC.

Give us your thoughts on the amount of new changes in the game and your gameplay experience after installing. Have you just had a prompt to download the 1.52GB file in your area?

Correction: This update is actually 1.10, rather than 1.09 which we stated before. We’re not sure why Sledgehammer has skipped 1.09, but we’ve updated the article to reflect this anyway.

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  • Stephen Sisco

    What the hell. I just got this update today on PS3. How did that happen? I’ve definitely played since it released.

  • PJthegreat

    “We remember that the last update for the game on PS4, which was version 1.08 was half the size of this latest one at around 500MB. ”

    1.52GB = 1520MB so this patch is actually 3 times larger than the previous patch if it was 500MB. or last patch was only 1/3 the size of this patch, however you want to word it. Sorry had to go math Nazi on you. 🙂

    • maigret99

      Unfortunately, this update hasn’t made the new AE4 gun accessible even though I purchased the expensive pro edition. Never again.

    • Treshy

      The last Patch was 1GB. the PS4 always downloads all patches in a package again so it downloads the old patches (1GB) and the new one (500MB) as one file despite you already having the 1GB one. so the actual patch is half the size of the last one at 500mb. 🙂

    • negadani

      There are 1024 megabytes is 1 gigabyte so your math is incorrect.