Improving security for gold Apple Watch

We don’t have too long to wait to see just what Apple has in store for us in terms of its new Watch range, although one variation of it that has gained a huge amount of attention is the gold one. However, it is Apple themselves that has been thinking a lot about this more expensive version, and so has started to look at ways to help improve on its security.

Improving the security in store is of the upmost importance for when Apple begins to stock the more expensive gold Apple Watch, along with others from the Edition range. As a result, this will mean stores will now need to have safes fitted in order to keep these watches more secure.

Apple to improve security

9To5 Mac reports that the demo units of these gold watches will be kept in the safes, although they will also have MagSafe chargers in them to keep the watches charged for when customers come in to have a play with them. Apple has already started to install these safes, which is another indication that the Apple Watch release date looms.

It was obvious that Apple was going to have to go in the direction of jewelry stores and fit safes for more expensive items, and the gold Apple Watch that is expected to cost several thousand dollars certainly falls into that category.

People have already started to ask how Apple could justify charging from $5,000 to $10,000 for a gold watch, especially if it is only gold plated. However, we have already had it on good authority that these will be solid gold, and so that price range seems on the money to us.



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