GTA V February 2015 update for new content

By Alan Ng - Feb 2, 2015

We have gone a few weeks without any notable new GTA V update, with regards to both single-player and GTA Online DLC. We know that Heists is coming in March, but what does Rockstar plan to offer players for the GTA V February 2015 update?

We are continuing to hear all sorts of rumors about leaked content. They involve even more vehicles that could be on the way to the game, such as the HVY Insurgent which you can see an image of below and how it compares to other versions in the game.

Even more exciting, is that it looks like the GTA Online Heists content will include access to a Yacht, based on some images that have already been dug up ahead of the release.

Moving away from Heists though, as we want to know what else Rockstar has in the pipeline. What on earth happened to the GTA Online Casino and Lottery DLC rumors that we heard so much about last year?


Also, is February going to be the month when we finally see some GTA V single-player DLC for the game? We still cannot believe that it has been over a year since the game launched and we haven’t had a main expansion yet compared to the DLC strategy for GTA IV.

The good thing is that Rockstar has managed to keep the player base high with anticipation for Heists. Are they in danger of losing this though if they don’t release some single-player content soon?

Put it this way, do you need to see more than just Heists to keep you playing? As we look ahead to the GTA Online February update, which should be GTA 1.21 and GTA 1.07 for previous-gen and next-gen respectively, tell us what you personally want to see next in the game.

What does Rockstar need to add to keep you playing?

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  • Lepricorn 64

    and real bikers clothing ! Long hair for the female characters. This should be easy to upgrade !
    A plane that could land in water also.

    • TheBruce96

      You are a dodo

  • Lepricorn 64

    With all my money I would like additional garages / appartments. That would make me play again. I allready play with two characters. A third would solve my problem also. At the moment it’s boring.

  • tw

    Online is dead because of no hiests, and modders and glitchers. Get some story DLC out already…I mean it was only promised to be out “before the end of 2014”. R* has already lost so many players because of their lies and screw ups with this game. Heists aren’t ever coming out. Its been one screw up after another, trying to force the next gen version down everyone’s throats. Shouldve taken care of the ones who initially bought the game, your meal ticket…not the next gen consoles

  • Jimmy Joe Johnson

    Valentine’s Day Massacre again this year. Also, an Area 51 would be cool,

  • mark

    i would love to upgrade boats and aircraft

  • bob saget

    A gym possibly an old cool truck like a 69 chevy pickup or even a stock version of the rebel, and better muscle cars like mustang, chevelle, gto. It would also be nice to upgrade top speed as well. And a chainsaw would be cool.

    • TheBruce96

      Chainsaw and top speed upgrades yes, but is the site lieing to about when u posted this? 14 days ago? We already have the rest!!!

  • Captain Kirk

    Finish the rest of the vehicles that should be in the game such as the Rancher NOT the Rancher XL. There should be another version of it similar to the last games Rancher. In fact there are places on the GTAV that you can see the Rancher from the last GTA. But it’s just there for show.

    • Pike

      Maybe some more single player missions for friendless ppl like me who have to do everything in hard mode alone. Other then that more vehicles. Possibly a Rancher SWB, an extended cab rancher pickup that’s two door. More cool lifted trucks too

  • quantum

    Hardcore mode, no map.

  • Bruno Berry

    hey rockstar how about this, since you’re really really late on the heists I’m sick of reading about stop with the lowering people stats simply because they’re not playing as much because we are waiting on the DLC.50% of my abilities gone that’s bullcrap specially the hours I put into that game you just take it away because you want to penalize somebody for not playing the game that you’re late putting out


    HEIST missions are never coming out. Ask yourself, why release free online content that would draw away from users purchasing shark cards, if thats whats been generating additional revenue for your company? I wish Rockstar would just release a paid expansion packk for single player. I think most of us are ready for something new from them already. Its been well over a year and they still cant fix those glitches or unlock everything for us to enjoy online.

  • brownwing

    Id love more access to buildings and houses, more interesting places to go and find, and why not give us skateboards to mess around with, then even an indoor skate park for competitions, it just seems theres so much opportunity to do so much, but instead we get a new car and some skinny jeans every other month, people are gonna loose patience.

    • Acernus

      I would love to see skateboarding, maybe even bicycle upgrades? I love going around on the BMX and doin gnarly tricks

  • JUNE 15th

    Am I The Only One That Came Here To Pree?

  • JUNE 15th

    Rockstar Should Have Payed DLCs That Give Exclusive Contents

    • TheBruce96

      No. Ppl who bought the game early should get dlc for free. U newbs can pay, we vets earned it by waiting so long for the basics

  • Eturnel

    Bring back the jetpack!

    • Bruno Berry

      not a space game its grand theft auto, not grand theft jetpack come up with some better ideas and get back to us

  • Edwin


    • MacGeek

      We have some custom missions though

    • Bruno Berry

      I like that one that’s a good idea

  • guest

    Release date heists leaked!!! Coming early 3015…

    • dane


    • Bruno Berry

      You forgot the month febunever 3015

  • Ada Wong

    In all honesty, I would love to see a new way to get around on foot. I’m talking about grapple guns. A lot of GTA online players are mostly moving around on foot, especially when it comes to highly populated servers, as being on foot gives you more opportunity for engaging into the action, rather than just driving a car. When ever I spawn though, sometimes it’s just in one of those ridiculous spots, and I’m looking at the screen doing the “What the hell?” Kind of look because I don’t understand. Some of the places aren’t easily accessible by foot or by
    motor vehicle. And when I was thinking about it, I thought it would be so much fun, just zipping across roads and the city blocks of Los Santos with a grapple hook, allowing for those who are just looking to have a good time, to easily manuveur away from the impending danger of battle, or vice versa. This would also be very helpful for when a persons personal vehicle is destroyed by other players, or other in game causes. This would also be good for those players who enjoy taking the offensive role in either missions or in free mode.

    Anyways, that’s my idea.

    • Bruno Berry

      I don’t like that idea that sounds like that new game dying light grand theft auto I don’t be jumping around on grappling hook no disrespect sir

  • Demon,74pb

    I would love to see a drag strip where we could race for cash or other players cars and I would love to see the duke of death come to online I love that car and I would love to see a 70 or 69 Chevelle as pro street car come in to the game and a more garages for more cars and be able to get use of the military base without getting cops on us and to be able to own all the vehicle s from heist and the lost Mc van and cops cars and better pay outs on jobs .

  • noddymc

    I was hoping for business where you could earn from. Maybe a club house for your crews if heist is coming they should of allowed for the heist board to be put there aswell.

    • dane

      Same here it would make gta more realistic and educational too.

  • 2Gunz

    I would love to see like different and new stuff like a gym, night club, some bars, bowling, pool games, street racing, gambling/casinos, new houses with different interior and I mean houses not apartments, restaurants, car shows, bingo, school for different stuff like driving, flying stunt planes, racing be able to get actual jobs and get pay checks end if every week in game days and actually work like moping or building like stuff like that like make it unique than any game made so rockstar aint loosing players

  • Chaos

    I’d like to see more activities than just golf, tennis and darts. Such as bowling or billiards. Speaking of darts why is it that we can get a tv in our garage or house but not a dart board? Kind of nutty that you have to go clear across the map for a game of darts.

  • Johnny Fortner

    This Makes Day 4 With PSN Being Down Starting To Think I Should ‘ve Gotten An XBOX ONE PLAYSTATION SUCKS NOW WTF SMH I could’ve spent 500 Dollars On Something Worth It I Hope Someone Sues Them For False Advertising They Suck

    • Shadowedcross

      What the hell are you talking about?

    • TD Brooks

      Only get XBOne if you want a media center, keep PS if you want a GAMING console.

      • truevip

        I got an xbox because they take care of their american customers and ensure their service is number one…. any other reason is pure BS because both systems are practically identical in terms of real world and perceivable performance…

        • dane

          This article is about gta 5 so STFU! Damn

        • Bruno Berry

          TX thx 4 WTF, it drives me crazy when people don’t shut their pipe holes their pie holes about stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with it. Anyway about GTA I would like for there to be A lowered sensitivity on the cops coming at every shot of a gun or punching somebody I’m sick of the cops getting in the way when I’m fighting somebody that’s been shooting at me the cops have to get involved and kill me when I’m trying to battle this guy over here what do you think ?

        • MPTheGreek

          You know xbone went down first this year. Sony compensates their customers for down times gives away better free games and gave their customers shareplay for free. Sony knows how to treat their customers. Post facts don’t just spew your opinion with nothing backing it up. Post a customer service survey or something. You’ve probably never even used psn. Yet you somehow know xlive is better lol. Maybe the 10 million more people who bought ps4 than xbones know something you dont.

        • Bruno Berry

          please read this in an obnoxious irritating know it all type tone and add a little bit of nasal constriction,

          “hi my name is Poindexter I’m a fanboy Xbox one take care of its customers in America it never goes down it’s simply the best PlayStation doesn’t take care of anything it is the worst how can anyone on the PlayStation I have to go on line and say that I made the better choice and I have an Xbox one because xbox Xbox one is better and I’m better because I am affiliated with my product in every way my product defines Who I am
          so sick of the crap stick to the topic people the topic is what do you want out of grand theft auto to keep you playing skinny jeans and some grappling hooks never mind anything about a good mission that involves intricate details and planning no just go steal the van from the lost and then run awaywhen I do go online I just go in their mess around and fly helicopters around and just shoot back at the people that you shoot me randomly

      • truevip

        I kinda think you’re jealous because you’re so quick to jump in and defend your system for no reason.. theres no reason to get so defensive unless you’re insecure about your system choice.

        • Bruno Berry

          hey just wanna let you know that you sound very secure in your system of choice cuz I think it’s all important to people feel secure with their system of choice because we all have choices within the system and you better hope that we can utilize the system So that you make a great choice and hopefully your secure with it,now that I said that I’m feeling very insecure about this post not sure if i feel secure with the choice that I made to comment on your comment oh boy I don’t know what to do I’m out of here

    • Ram Bro

      Ps4 is up! it was only down for the superbowl.

    • NgTurbo

      Johnny Are You Okay There Buddy?

    • Bruno Berry

      come on seriously that’s what you put on here a cry baby about not being able to play things happen technology runs amok things break down a mini cars break down phones break down internet go down people died its part of life what are you crying about dude are you an adult or kid see I’m using Google Voice and it didn’t even print what I said so nothing is perfect get a grip jesus H chimney