Battlefield Hardline beta release time for PS4, Xbox One, PC

By Alan Ng - Feb 3, 2015

We are just hours away from the exciting Battlefield Hardline beta release time for UK and US gamers on GMT, PST and EST time zones. This is going to be the first occasion when everyone can play together, without needing a beta code to enter.

The Battlefield Hardline open beta also marks the occasion where we are coming up to just one month to go until the final launch of the game on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Most of you know that the beta will kick-off on Tuesday February 3. As expected though, many of you are asking specifically what time does the Battlefield Hardline beta start in US and UK.

Unfortunately, EA nor Visceral Games has answered this question for us yet. The developer had previously said to visit the Battlefield website for information on a specific time, but we can see that the page hasn’t been updated yet since their last post.


As a result, it means that gamers in the US could be set for an anxious wait to find out if Visceral plans to release the beta as soon as the clock strikes 12am on February 3 – for example, 1am Pacific Time, would be 4am Eastern Time and 9am UK time as a heads-up.

Another important question is whether the Battlefield Hardline beta release time for PS4 and Xbox One will be at the same time, or if there will be staggered releases throughout the day for the five platforms.

Our guesses are that PC players will have the beta first since they have already had access to pre-load the Battlefield Hardline beta. After that, we’re assuming that next-gen will be prioritized and then last-gen consoles will receive the beta last.

Or, the beta will roll out at the same time for PS4 and PS3, then afterwards for Xbox One and Xbox 360 – it can work both ways.

As we wait for EA to give a solid indication on whether gamers need to stay up through the night, let us know your excitement level as we count down to the beta.

How excited are you to play this game, compared to BF4? Feel free to leave your Gamertags and PSN name if you want to get a clan going

UPDATE: The beta should now be live for US and UK gamers, see this article for further information but be warned that you face a long install time, both downloading the file and once you enter the game.

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  • Jonah Foust

    has the beta come out yet for PS3. i cant find it and its 8PM in Oregon USA

  • Stephen Brown

    add Me EASTSIDER_94


    When is the beta releasing on PS3??? Anyone???

    • Red_X

      still dont know im waiting on my ps4 and its still not here. Some said its coming around 3 or 4 pm EST

    • BF Die Hard

      I heard that the beta will be released 12pm EST and 9am PST. But that is hearsay, it is not confirmed. And going by the times told previously above in the article those times given were way off. People in the UK have already been able to download the game. And the file size for the game is between 10GB and 11GB.

  • Wolf_Pack

    Honestly, I’ve never played in a beta before. I don’t even know where to download it from. Can someone tell me where I can download it once it’s released. Thanx, in advance. On PS4 by the way…

    • BF Die Hard

      Go to the PSN Store on the PS4 (top left portion on the Main Screen), then do a search for “Hardline” and you should see it show up when it becomes available.

  • Dream Hunter

    is it on ps4 in the us

  • eee

    I know

  • This is bollloks

    This isn’t fair they said 9am and it’s 11am uk time and there’s nothing on when it’s out let us download it and open the servers at whatever time you want us to play saves everyone time

  • ben

    Still nothing on ps4 here in the UK, 11am

  • NgTurbo

    Hearing that it is already live on Xbox One!

  • Jamie

    I hate the fact console players cannot pre load game! it will take me 2 days at the LEAST to download the beta! But if its because of xbox and ps i hate them, do they not have any sympathy for people with terrible internet? Heck, im lucky to enjoy a whole day without a glitch, lag or connection issue!

    But i cannot wait either!

    • VIK

      If it takes you two days to download the game you probably have a connection that’s too poor to play online games, maybe you should upgrade or stay away from bf to help stop the lag issues

    • JohnM96

      Tell me about it. Luckily, I recently bought fibre and now enjoy speeds of around 120 mbps.

    • NgTurbo

      That’s a good point.. ppl may be stuck if it’s a 2GB install. We’ll find out soon anyways. Not good for those still stuck in the dark ages with a 2MB connection.


      actually you can now i am pre-loading as i speak. the more important question i have right now is will for west coast us timezones will the game release at 9pm like games did last year

    • UrAnus

      2 days? It’s like 6 gigs on current gen and 11 gigs on next gen (idk about pc) so current gen max 7mins and next gen max 14mins :p Do your math right son!

      • phil

        Since it states 49gb on ps4 your chatting crap.

        • JesusHChrist

          It states minimum save size is 49gb, but the download will be 11gb for the beta.

      • heyzues

        Not everyone has your internet connection son. Some of us are stuck with slow dsl because thats all that’s available where we live. Its fast enough to play online but downloads of 10gb or more can take hours. You shouldn’t assume someone’s wrong just because their **** isn’t the same as yours.

      • Jamie

        haha, i would love that internet speed, but then again it only took a whole 24 hours to download.

  • LaeppaVika – Rauski!

    9AM gmt? So 11 AM here… god dammit! Maybe i should try this thing called sleeping.

  • agentbb007

    I can’t wait for this beta!!! I played the last Hardline beta and it was awesome. I heard the PC beta will open and playable at 9AM GMT.