PSN down, login not working and users sick of it

By Alan Ng - Feb 1, 2015

If you were hoping to get one last gaming session in on Sunday night before the new week starts, we have some bad news for you. It looks like PSN is down again, with the PSN login not working in UK and US on February 1.

We had heard reports within the hour that Sony’s PSN server status had once again been hit. We’ve just tried to connect ourselves and can confirm that it is still unavailable at the time of writing.

At this point, there’s no information on whether this is another PSN hack, or if it’s just a surprise bout of PSN maintenance that gamers were not aware of.


Either way, PSN is down on February 1 during the NFL Super Bowl XLIX and we can see that once again users are starting to get very frustrated with the frequent outages occurring almost every week.

We can tell you that Sony are aware of the problem, however. Within the last few minutes, the AskPlayStation Twitter account replied to a user to say that they are now investigating the problem and know that many users can’t sign in to PSN on February 1.

As we wait to give you an update on the situation, let us know if you can sign in to PSN today. Are you having problems right now in your area?

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  • blzzy_gie

    Down again

    • Ram Bro

      No it’s on today

  • steelrev

    Psn down at the start of super bowl and most of my friends were able to log back in as soon as the game ended. Sure seems legit to me.

  • gettywood

    I pay for psn just as I pay for my phone service…however, I don’t have 5-6 days a month that I can’t make calls…. This is B.S. get it together psn you’re on the verge of a mass platform change by many…

  • guru

    So sick of PSN. If Xbox had dcuo or a marvel version ID have my PlayStation’s on eBay tonight. There is no excuse for this much server down time, and even when they are up the lag is horrific. I can’t even blame anyone for being an Xbox fan at this point.

    • TD Brooks

      Dont switch to Xbox. Im a M$ guy and VERY disappointed with xbone. Its less of a GAMING console, and more of a media player. Since upgrading from 360, I dont even play anymore. The lack of voice messaging, terrible party chat, cumbersome menu system, Id bet Sony will have PSN under control before M$ has any of xbone’s major flaws fixed.

      • blzzy_gie

        Complete and utter rubbish and every single post you have made you give out the same message.
        Read his post history.

        And spelling Microsoft with a dollar sign twice in one post ! yes of course you are “A M”$” guy” I belive you (NOT).

    • blzzy_gie

      dcuo is coming to Xbox One.

      Sony has sold Sony Online Entertainment and the ex head of SOE now the head of the new company it was sold to has made it quite clear he intends to bring their games to Xbox One.

    • blzzy_gie

      Sony have sold Sony Online Entertainment and the old boss of SOE is who now the boss of the new company (it was sold to) has made it quite clear their games are coming to Xbox One.

      Just Google for details..

  • Reprieve

    Down for the super bowl?

  • me

    I think it’s about time I buy a xbox, getting sick of this s**t

    • Interner User

      They have these issues, too. Xbox Live was reportedly down at some point in the past couple days, if I’m not mistaken.

      • Ram Bro

        They were both down for the superbowl now it’s over everything is back up!

        • plssony

          If only this were true. Still down for many people

        • blzzy_gie

          Xbox wasn’t down, your talking rubbish

      • blzzy_gie

        No that was just a store problem

  • ……

    Cisco figured out how to filter traffic and prevent major ddos attacks, why can’t Sony?

  • Mny_

    I’m thinking real hard if I should switch to xbox1 now 😥😒

    • ……

      xbox is having daily connection issues

      • blzzy_gie

        No it isn’t, the only issues they had was buying certain things in the store.

        • Josh101

          This is a lie. When DDOS’d the entire network gets taken down. It ends with being denied access to XboxLive servers, therefore, no access to any online feature. On PSN, Netflix still works because you don’t have to sign-in to use it.

      • TD Brooks

        not true. but switching is a terrible idea. While Sony is having network issues, if committed, those can be overcome rather quickly. As for the XBone, its problems lie within the unit and its interface, those problems are much worse. I loved my 360, but since upgrading to XBOne, I dont even play anymore. Just finished placing my order for PS4, would rather deal with connection issues than an overall just terrible console like XBOne

        • blzzy_gie

          Obvious Sony fanboy

        • Josh101

          Awhhh, are you mad because the general public reception of XboxOne isn’t “Hurr durr iz the bestest!” Sucks don’t it? Microsoft shouldn’t have attempted to destroy our right to the First Sale Doctrine and force a always online camera in everyones home. 😀

  • Wyckidklown

    I can now sign in but no online games. Last of us cant connect . And destiny serves are down r

  • ImOut

    thats true man this sucks im about to get back in to pc gameing because the ps4 is crashing to much and its pissing me off

    • Bri Alice

      PC gaming is just a bunch of solo hackers hacking games. The difference is, they don’t stop you from playing the game, their hacking just stops the game from being fun and worth playing.

      • Derik A

        Then you are playing the wrong games. I am a PC Gamer much longer than I have been a console gamer, and not all games are littered with hacker. Stop playing the free to play games that are old or under funded.

  • Bern

    Screw the PS4 and screw Xboxone, im getting an alienware alpha, im getting fed up with these crashes!

  • Bri Alice

    People make me sad. Because hacking Sony is totally gonna make geeks and nerds watch your stupid football. Please. If anything, we’re gonna tune into something more appealing, like The Walking Dead marathon. Or Dora the f*cking Explorer. Jesus.

    • Rachel rocksford

      Microsoft would be having a field day … when corporate exec’s .. look at how sony manages its system .. in the board room like .. well .. looks like we should get ready to sell the XB2 .. no worries in seeing the ps5 nxt gen beat us … picks up phone .. calls sales distribution . Paula picks up .. yes george she says .. george says … sales will be boooming !!! Tell them to get the XB2 ready to make & sell .. no need to worry about sony .. paula says why so early sir its 2015 ?? . George says … because there DOWN lol #sitcomSnyParody lol

  • psn:Kingdomheartsbro

    Somy makes my ass itch

  • stuart

    Sad to say X box isn’t great but it’s better than psn for connectivity

  • Bs

    Every week? I’m switching to Xbox.

    • Ram Bro

      Xbox isn’t perfect it has it’s issues also.

      • blzzy_gie

        Store issues, NOT multiplayer or sign in issues.

        • Josh101

          Yeah, it does. On Christmas Xbox and PSN both got taken down. That’s one example. Last week Microsoft was taken down as well…

        • blzzy_gie

          We all know about Christmas day but Xbox was back online the same evening, the PS4 was down for DAYS.

          Piece of Advice for you, If you want to make things up because you are a Sony fanboy then at least hide your post history, it will be a lot less obvious

        • Josh101

          No need to hide my post history. Hell yes I am a Sony fanboy. How could I not be? Cross-buy across 3 system, PS+ across 3 systems, Vita remote-play, Shareplay, free play on PS3 and PS Vita. I have plenty of reasons to be a Sony fanboy.

          You on the other hand, being a Microsoft fanboy? What’s your excuse? Microsoft attempted to destroy our rights to the First Sale Doctrine, Tried forcing a always online, always internet connected web camera in everyone’s home saying the “XboxOne would NOT work without the Kinect plugged in.” Said they wouldn’t use the Kinect to target ad’s, they lied. It’s right in the T.O.S. that they WILL use Kinect to gather video information to target ad’s at you and you HAVE to accept it. Or your XboxOne is a brick. This is all with known involvement in the PRISM scandal. On a pay-for service as well.

          Having said that, EVERY system is vulnerable to a DDOS attack. Anyone can be brought down by it. I could DDOS this very site by simply holding down the F5 button. You are a fanboy pretending that it is something that can be defended against. Not when you have legitimate requests being sent to your servers…I should also mention that the PSN has more daily active users than Steam. Steam has more DAU’s than XboxLive. It should be easy for Microsoft to switch their servers on with less users.. They aren’t dominant across the world. Only in a select few countries. Which, since I mentioned, they are being dominated in the U.S. and U.K. as well, so as of now, they aren’t dominating ANYWHERE 🙂

  • stuart

    One minute they say they have no problem and the next it’s maintenance. Well someone doesn’t know what’s going on why not just say pan down because we are useless dicks

  • stuart

    So much for maintenance

  • NgTurbo

    PSN back up, but PS Store down??

    • tique

      Im trying to create an account for PSN and it just wont finish loading

  • Bri Alice

    I love how PSN suddenly stops working at the same time the Super Bowl begins.
    F*cking sad.

  • Jade

    Psn down in New Zealand soo over this sony!!!

    • Bri Alice

      Agreed. It was working earlier, and suddenly, it stops working at the time of the Super Bowl? What a disappointment.

      • Soul.v2

        and last time it was christmas

  • stuart

    They are not spending it. just another sorry for being inept at their jobs it’s what a 5 year old says to its parents everyday

  • stuart

    The problem isn’t the hackers the problem is Sony are employing less able staff to stop it time after time. Employe the hackers and fire your staff sony

    • Rachel rocksford

      Lol now that would be the day … haha to see sony fire the noob staff who can’t even run they’re system let alone manage upkeep on server functions around the clock .. so they hire hackers instead lmao … there is a small truth to that I think … 1st yr grads IT dept can run a system better than senior staff who’ve been trained for years .. out with the stupid and in with the genius new breeds .. they should follow up on hiring server technicians 24/7 on call .. instead of leaving it vulnerable on Saturday & Sunday when company hours are closed like there support staff number … thats BS .

      • Don’t Blame DDoS Victims

        If you have little trust fund kiddies (Lizard Squad) hiring bots for DDoS attacks – pretty much nothing can be done. If everyone did what Lizard Squad wanted and stopped playing PS, they would go after the next “leader” which would be Xbone. Then, if people obeyed LS and stopped playing on Xbone, they would do indivdual PC game servers – they have already attacked FB, Twitter, Minecraft. DDoS attacks will continue to increase until a bunch of these terrorists are put in Gitmo and waterboarded for a while.
        This is NOT Sony’s fault. Blaming Sony is like blaming a sexual assualt victim for being too attractive. It is only because Sony is leading the market that they are getting more attention. These losers go after the “successful” companies. Also, this is NOT hacking. It is simply using hired bots to inundate servers with a LOT of requests – the infrastructure cannot cope and the site goes down. No “hacking” skill needed. Just money to hre bots. I guess Sony could charge us $1,000 pa and spend gazillions on excess capacity so that the servers can handle ANY level of requests – however I would rather waterboard a few pimply terrorists than waste more money.
        Obama’s too weak, but when the Republicans get back in the White House, hopefully they will shut all this cyber/commercial terrorism down with a few arrests (these pimply cowards will not risk going to jail as a terrorist, but at the moment everyone knows Obama won’t do anything that requires the use of force, so they have a free run…for now. But until the Feds get serious about this terrorism, please don’t blame the victims of DDoS attacks as there is NOTHING that can be done.

  • nosecurity

    The big question… what are Sony spending their PS Sub money on if it’s not server security?

  • SplurgeEffect

    Down in Gainesville Ga…. I don’t understand. why in the world PlayStation don’t fix and do something about this. your a multi billion dollar buis. take care of your customers and your servers. And yes I understand there is not much you can really do about a DDos attack if that is what is going on now. But there has to be a loop hole some where or someone missing something. I mean what kinda ITT people and team do you have in your company….. apparently ones that are not taking care of buis. I guess is will be another 10% discount which is sorry. it should be more like a 20% or a 25% down every week once and twice a week……COME ON PLAYSTATION TIGHTEN UP.

    • Don’t Blame DDoS Victims

      You guys are so misinformed. Please google DDoS. It has nothing to do with security. It is just idiots like Lizard Squad (and probably others by now due to inaction by the Obama – supposedly Commander in Chief of the US) using bots to “overload” Sony’s servers. It is like a million people simultaneously ringing your cell. Your Mom will not be able to get through due to all the traffic. And what could you do about that. Nothing – other than buy 1,000,000 phones. And if Sony had to buy the million phones, then you’d be paying more for your PSN than your rent/mortgage.

  • Nomad

    Screw these DDOS attackers

  • warrior

    I was just able to sign in.

  • the50calmafia

    They believe they are hurting Sony. But the are hurting the average gamer. If they won’t to hurt Sony send all there users 1000$ is psn codes

    • dopey

      Stop spamming, its your 3rd post in 2minutes.

      • m

        Stop hall monitoring, or did someone put you in charge?

    • Don’t Blame DDoS Victims

      But these guys are not getting into the system – they are not hackers. They are justing using DDoS attacks which any moron can do. They just hire bots to continually hammer the servers – and NO server known to man is IMMUNE from a DDoS attack. Ring your Congressman and demand action against the guys doing it – hell, they even have a picture of one these dicks. Again, these guys aren’t hackers. As much as I hate hackers, at least they are clever. ANY RICH MORON CAN DDOS!!!

  • Upset psn user

    If down because it’s accidental then ok. But if it’s intentional..just to make players watch the Super Bowl then that’s just wrong. Lol on any case fix it. This is my only day off and I wanna game!

  • pissed off

    Its ridiculous that they cant stop a few kids in a basement from bringing it down. Its the same attack over and over surely if we can shut down nuclear processing gear in Iran these PSN hackers can be stopped

    • Don’t Blame DDoS Victims

      You’ll have to wait for the Republicans to get the White House back, but, yeah, your right – the CIA/FBI could stop these guys if they wanted too. That is why instead of blaming the victims, people need to be lobbying their local member of Congress for action against these guys.

  • Sylvain Ouellette

    xbox is down also

  • the50calmafia

    XBL is still down, user poll Isis or lizards?

  • mattt

    Its true. Psn charges money for weekly headaches

    • sirahj houseton

      Mines is down for psn and I can’t get on me my player and I’m pissed off

  • Sylvain Ouellette

    This is BS,we pay for a service that you cannot guarantee.I’m getting very sick of this,i was a very big fan of playstation but it’s going downhill very fast.With all the technology and smart people in this world,you are telling me you can’t avoid this from happening????

    • Rachel rocksford

      My thought on this .. when they advertise nxt gen PS5 .. the customers look up and say … fooled me once shame on you .. fooled me twice ..shame on me … fool me 3 times .. ooh hell no more shame on me .. XB1 is the present the future in gaming … proof is in the ability to be able to sign in . Ps3 & Ps4 is looking to be the past and my faith n trust no longer is in Sony or its products .. Sony makes millions in non guarantee products and weak infrastructure .. the government should of just taken them over and said your service is no longer needed we got it from here.. long live microsoft♥

      • deeked

        Dumbest thing I’ve heard anyone say all month. Let the government take over? What are you? Some kind of sheep?

  • warrior

    Somebody needs to sue these gaming companies and game makers. If not given what is promised or delayed- its false advertising.

    • Carl

      That’s the first good solution I’ve seen on here

    • Becky

      Just like gta5 and the promise of the heists. They added it into online play a year later. I was promised that from the start!

  • the50calmafia

    They should make PSN free, at least in till they can bullet proof there system.

  • Mike smith

    If psn cant handle their affairs, which they have proven they cant, maybe they should get out of the business!

  • mattt

    Down in phoenix. Bbb get involved

  • Ram Bro

    They better extend the Madden 15 Superbowl edition sale I was just about to buy it when this happened it’s supposed to go back to reg price tomorrow .Damn sony sucks lately!!!!

  • Ugh

    Im barely downloading dying light only 30 min away and i wont be able to play it….i need an xbox one for these moments

  • Matthew KnightWolf

    got error code nw , psn no offence but your gay. like we’d l,ike to know when u go offline . its not fair that us gamers who have gaming vids to post cant because your server is down .( webpage says psn is up what a lie

  • CreatorRedA

    They gave us another 5 days of PSN service last time. They’re gonna owe us a whole year by the time they stopped getting hacked…

  • the50calmafia

    Xbox drops more than pan, live has been hit or miss since Friday

    • deeked

      Wrong. I have both consoles and PlayStation, though my favorite, has the most problems.

  • Willie Johnson

    Sorry Mike, but you’ll be disappointed…XBL down as well.

  • Viktor

    Down again? How many time in the last few months? SONY, you do know that we are actually paying for PSN plus services right? Smh

  • Mike smith

    Switching to xbox, ive friggin had it with psn

    • Shijin83

      Xbox Live has been down about as much as PSN has here lately. It’s not a problem exclusive to one console.

  • Anonymous

    PSN DOWN R3.

  • J

    You would think now that we pay these fucks 50 a year for online they would have a dedicated server that doesn’t go down every other week

  • Guest

    Grr, so it is down…I’ve been trying to connect for the past 30 minutes

  • the50calmafia

    This is just way to often

  • 5 days of free PS Plus after the Christmas ordeal is NOT enough to make up for it.

  • Taylorman97

    This is unacceptable 🙁

  • Christine Leistner

    SicK of this constant rollercoaster ride but NOTHING we can do but take it!!!