PlayStation Store not working after PSN back up

Just moments ago, we reported on the fact that PSN was down again for another bout of unscheduled downtime. Now, we can see that PSN server status is slowly resuming, but now it appears that the PS Store is down too which could be a knock-on effect.

Right now, we are able to sign-in to PSN. However, the PS Store is down and not working on February 1 and we were brought to a error screen, which stated that the PSN service is currently undergoing maintenance (E-820001F7).

Looking back, it is not the first time in which we’ve seen this particular error code, as we told you about it last year in October.


We’re not sure what is wrong with the PlayStation Store down again today, but hopefully Sony are aware of it and are fixing it back up as we speak.

It’s worth pointing out that after we received the above error, trying to go back into the PS Store just results in a blank blue screen and nothing happens.

Is the PS Store down for you right now after finally being able to sign-in? It’s one problem after another it seems – what is your reaction to this?



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