Tesla Model X SUV video leads to price, release debate

By Peter Chubb - Jan 31, 2015

There is no denying that Elon Musk has ruffled a few feathers within the auto industry, especially those that are stuck in the past and refuse to accept that a change is needed. Musk has always had the ability to see what it is people will want several years down the line. It is for this reason why his Tesla range has done so well, and with drivers loving the SUV, his upcoming Tesla Model X SUV is bound to prove very popular.

A new Tesla Model X SUV video has recently come to light showing the vehicle on a test track at Alameda Airport. We know that there will be some of you that feel the new SUV looks very similar to the Prius, although when you get a lost closer you will see they are very different beasts.

Tesla Model X SUV video

Now that people have started to see more of this new electric vehicle, this has now led to more people wondering what the Tesla Model X SUV price will be, and most people seem to suggest a starting price of $35,000, although there could be incentives to help decrease that price a little, although by how much we do not know.

As for the Tesla Model X SUV release date, there is still an ongoing debate, although most rumors seem to suggest the early part of 2015, or maybe in the second half. Who knows, we could learn more at one of the upcoming Auto Shows, maybe New York would be the ideal platform to announce the official release date of the Tesla Model X SUV.

Check out the video below of what is believe to be this all-electric vehicle being taken out for a test-drive.

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  • emmacatterickemi

    so nice

  • Marleychil

    ******************The Revolution will not be Televised, but it will be Electrified************************

    Excitement, fear and hopeful prayers. Hopeful prayers, I feel will not be answered. EV Revolution supporter be realistic. The Model X is SUV in the class of the Model S. There is no way I feel it can be price at $35K with the Giga-factory a year away, manufacturing cost of falcon wing doors, additional room, more seating and towing capability. I know you have been waiting a long time, but soon, very soon the EV Revolution will be ablaze in the auto industry.

    There are a lot of anxious customers who have pre-ordered the Model X who must be brimming with excitement. Those falcon wing doors will be seen two blocks away announcing the Model X presence (so cool). I wonder on average how many people will walk the extra block to see this car. This excitement is shared by owners of Tesla’s stock, who are expecting to see an increase in their stocks valuation.

    There exist a lot of anxiety or fear factor from competitors in the realization of Tesla execution of scale production. They will be concerned about how high has Tesla raised the bar with their 2nd mass produce car and what is the quality level of manufacturing. These things will let them know for sure that the Model S and the 1st scaling was no fluke. If successful, auto manufactures will try minimize the effect by beginning to make more announcement concerning their offerings of BEV models that will be competing against Tesla’s lineup. The EV Revolution has Begun.