COD error code 8224 while Advanced Warfare down

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 31, 2015

The Call of Duty error code 8224 is plaguing Advanced Warfare today, as the servers are down for players in the UK and USA. Product Reviews received reports earlier today, but we didn’t report the problems until now thanks to the server issues reappearing once again.

One error message states, “The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare service is not available at this time”. The game features “error code 8224” under the above message, although some gamers might see something different on PS4 and Xbox One in certain circumstances.


Down Today has a number of COD Advanced Warfare players reporting the same 8224 error code and that they cannot play online. There’s also thousands of gamers tweeting about Advanced Warfare servers not working and unavailable on January 31, 2015.

Are you seeing the Advanced Warfare servers down today and if so, what country are you in and do you see the same error code? We will update this article if Sledgehammer Games confirm the problems on their official Twitter account.

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  • krystal


  • krystal

    Same Damn code… I want to play!

  • Brenden Beattie

    Error Code 8224 AUS

  • RogueWinner

    Same error code 8224 UK. Aaarrrrrr

  • Fruitpuddle

    8224 error in the USA

  • Harry Parker

    When wi it be back up? 29th may 2015

  • Jonah

    Error code 8224 May 30th 2015

    • LDZ


  • Shadow_X4

    Error Code: 8224 and waiting to see if my purchase went through.. (IL)

    • v


  • phx602

    Im online line yay!

  • esteban

    down in arizona

  • aztarothfire

    Puerto Rico same s**t

  • Lewis Mcauley

    down today in the uk

  • Rafael Cabrales

    down today in Florida

  • Chazz Mack

    my compatability pacl wont even DOWNLOAD

  • eli Humbyrd

    This bs i dont have the error code but it says the same thing

  • Still down

    How is this game still suffering with problems I should say why actually ?

  • Nina

    Down in FINLAND!!!

  • Dave

    Still down in the UK

  • Heston80

    I’m getting the same error code 8224 in Fargo ND

  • PSNdownagain

    “error code 8224″… is this ’cause i just bought the season pass and that pretty, new camo?

  • ricko9383

    Getting code in UK even though my friend who lives a short distance away is playing online with no problems

  • Andrew

    Server down

  • Levyzkillz

    All I had to do was switch from wired to wireless although I’m almost certain that did nothing and than I spam tried it n on the 6 or so try worked just keep trying consecutive attempts.

  • John Wilson

    Always for mates playing in the same room together as either a piss up or a drug fueled rampage, more fun and it has always worked, this online scene is total pish!

  • Chris Thawley

    Getting error code 8224 england not happy thought service would be better

  • Daryl Pratt

    Wtf how long just got the this stupid ass game in can’t even play a waste of f****** money

  • william

    Servers are down in Canada too. I have turned off my ps4 3 times now and it still does not let me play multplayer… please fix this

  • Dirk diggler

    Down in denda

  • Tara Drysdale

    down again was up for 3 games

  • Adrian Rojas

    It works for me thanks!!

  • Hussein Obama

    Servers down in America. Thanks Obama

  • Sabrina

    Down in Switzerland :-/

  • Kookie

    America same error on ps4

  • Taz

    Error code 8224 as reported by other gamers from London, England on the PS4

  • mariodomundo

    Manaus , Brazil ,same error

  • Rodday16

    Down in california 🙁

  • eshan

    its down for me and I’m in london england

  • to be continued

    Houston TX

  • Shadywady

    I am facing this error too. Played for a while and took a break but got this error when started again. I am from india.

  • rprr

    Chicago, Il, us, same error code

  • Clems

    Down in North Wales, Uk on ps4 🙁

  • Levyzkillz

    Just got on tried 5 times in a row n worked

  • terri

    Down in Newcastle, UK.
    Error code 8224

  • Snks

    Down in Saudi Arabia

  • Drachida

    Down in idaho for ps4. I like how the one day a week I try to play this game it is never working.
    Back to Diablo!

  • katy

    Error 8224, kent, England

  • vhrock 914

    down in new york 8224

  • Abdirahman Ware

    Down in UAE

  • Tara Drysdale

    down in scotland 8224

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  • John Hanna

    Down in Oklahoma. Error 8224
    Really, Activision?

    • Matthew Hamby

      Activision?? Really John hanna

  • nanan

    down in pennsylvania. 8224

  • Bellywipes

    Pull your finger out Activision. Shitting on the little man again. 👎


    Service Down. Error code 8224. Kansas.

  • Brad

    Yep, I see the 8224 error and it said I cannot play advanced warfare thanks to their service being down.