Destiny Xur live selling this list of items

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2015

Are you ready for the Destiny Xur location today? Our favorite agent is back in the field and we will be one of the first online to confirm what is Xur selling today for you.

Last week we had the No Land Beyond sniper of course, so this week gamers have been hoping to see something a little more luxurious.

We spoke about the need to see Gjallarhorn during the week, so has Xur come up with the goods? We can confirm that Xur is selling the Dragon’s Breath this week as the main exotic.

Firstly, you’ll need to know where Xur is in the tower today. You’ll find the Xur spawn location outside on the left side, which most of you should be able to find without any problems – if in doubt, just follow everyone else although our image below should help you.


Other notable items being sold by Xur include the MK44 Stand Asides and Don’t Touch Me. Once we have a video for you, we will update this article and add the video below which will give you a much more detailed look at the list Xur is selling on January 30.

As always, give us your feedback on Xur’s inventory today and if you see anything you like. Are you going to drop any strange coins today, or did you already get lucky on Nightfall and already have your dream setup?

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, how happy are you with Xur right now?

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    what is zur selling today

  • Viktor

    Out of 4 items total, 2 of them Xur had on sale last week (Jan 23): Mk.44 and Starfire Protocol. It doesn’t make sense, or it’s the biggest coincidence.

  • etho

    *who bought ice breaker

  • etho

    Stop crying, people should’nt have to rely on xur everyweek for their exotics, (like ever single person would but ice breaker, including me)

    • Peter

      Not when youve been playing destiny since release, have had almost all exotics, 5 suros’s and 3 icebreakers yet no gjallerhorn

  • GameBoy

    Stop bloody moaning

  • Munky

    0 out of 10

  • Deanpool

    Seen Xur sell the same rubbish week in week out since he began trading, yet theres a literal crapton of gear he’s never sold, what you playin at bungie? If you arent gonna give us exotic drops in game then at least let us buy the goddamn things.

    • VampyRedBull

      Except the 2nd week when he sold gjallahorn

    • neeno

      Some gear will never go in on rotation to be sold. Like the thunder lord and they have roll every week to decide what xur sells.

  • The G

    Hey why don’t you idiots actually manually select what xur sells every now and then so imstead of using RNG like you do with EVERYTHING else in this game. Im being serious, i and a lot of other thouroughly disappointed people paid $80 for your god damned game and you give us no love

    • Deanpool

      I feel you brother but the greedy wankers are too preoccupied with improving the game for ppl who buy the overpriced expansion packs. The rest of us can apparently go £&@& ourselves.

  • Merica

    0….give xur a 0 out of 10…..starfire what 4 times in 5 weeks??????stand asides 3 weeks in a row????

    • NgTurbo

      you forgot dragon’s breath twice in one month!

      • Peter

        I got it twice in one week lmfao one nightfall one from crota

    • Deanpool

      I give Bungie a 0 out of 10, every week the crap Xur sells is always stuff that you CANNOT purchase without the dark below expansion. Really Bungie i gotta fork out for an expansion pack to buy something thats available in the standalone game?