New PS4 exclusive game Project Code Z predictions

By Alan Ng - Jan 29, 2015

After the great news about Spotify landing for PS4 and PS3 this Spring, we can see that it is turning out to be an even better week for PS4 users.

We now know that there is going to be a new PS4 exclusive game from Square-Enix coming, called Project Code Z. The famed Japanese developer is teasing this game on a website right now, in preparation for a countdown to a reveal on January 31 at the Tokaigi Japan Game Party 2015.

As you may have guessed, Square-Enix are not saying what the game is but the sole clue left on a Twitter account reads: “It was cold outside and so was my mind…”


What do you think this game will turn out to be? We would love to see another Japanese RPG from the company, but we can see that some fans are already throwing out some wild guesses on social media – take a look at one which made us laugh.

Others are hoping that the Z does not turn out to be another zombie game, as most say that there are too many zombie games on the market at the moment.

We love a good teaser though. The good thing about this, is that we don’t have long to wait until the secret is revealed. Let us know what you think the Project Code Z game for PS4 is – leave ur best theories below!

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  • Kevin Scott

    I just hope its not a JRPG. Sony has enough of them.

  • Anders

    A horror and survival game.

  • ExcaliburEdge

    Zell: Chronicles of the Chicken-Wuss

  • This time it seems like Square has left nothing for us to work with other than the teaser site and tweet. Only thing that comes to mind is that they previously stated that they wanted to bring back the Saga series in which code Z would make for “Zaga” (I know, it sounds really dumb lol).

    Another bleak possibility would be a new entry in the “Chrono” series although I don’t see any correlation between the letter Z and any of the previous Chrono games and last but not least, they could just be gearing up to release a completely new j-rpg in an attempt to take back the japanese role playing game crown.

    People fear that it could be yet another zombie game, but the animations on the site doesn’t show anything even remotely related to a zombie apocalypse. It is more rpg-ish in nature with the pristine forest and cave with crystals.

    Now I am stretching the realm of possibilities, but another thing to point out is that the animations behind the Z letter also give the feeling of generic exploration (forest/cave) which could point to either an coop online rpg or another mmo (which would be pointless because we already have FFXIV ARR).