Mortal Kombat X live stream start time for EST, PST, GMT

By Alan Ng - Jan 29, 2015

We told you that NetherRealm Studios had already revealed Reptile as the first of two brand new Mortal Kombat X character reveals this week.

Now, we look ahead to the second one as the character will be revealed during an official live stream event. The developer has already given a heads-up on the start time, but only for gamers on the CST time zone – so we can offer some useful information for you.

For those that want to know what time is the Mortal Kombat X live stream for EST, PST and GMT time zones, we have you covered.


With the event on Thursday confirmed to be starting at 3PM CST, this means that you should tune in to this Twitch stream at 1PM pacific time. For our readers on Eastern time zone, that translates to 4PM in the afternoon.

For Mortal Kombat fans in the UK hoping to tune in, you’ll be able to watch the Mortal Kombat X live stream on January 31 at 9PM on Thursday evening.

So there we have it – who is going to be the next character reveal? Rumors are suggesting that it’s a three horse race between Ermac, Noob Saibot and Kenshi, what do you think?

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