Final Fantasy XV in-game combat graphics look incredible

Square-Enix is really starting to get our juices flowing with regards to Final Fantasy XV. The more we see the game, the more we have a feeling that we may just see a launch date at the end of the year.

This week, the developer has unleashed some new Final Fantasy XV in-game screenshots showing combat mechanics and they look absolutely incredible.

We all know that Square-Enix are the masters when it comes to producing stunning graphics and getting the most out of the hardware in terms of potential.

They really have outdone themselves though with these latest batch of screenshots. We were as disappointed as any of you when we saw delay after delay, but now we see that Square-Enix are starting to show signs of why the game is still going to be well worth the wait.


Take a look at the screenshots which Square-Enix has published to their media room. One shot in particular which we picked out shows the characters taking on a massive Behemoth in the background – who remembers this legendary beast from previous games?

Other shots show the intense moments during battles which at the moment looks to be very open and free in terms of player control.

We’ve located the source of the images here, allowing you to download yourself in HD and even save them as wallpapers if you like. Enjoy the images and let us know your thoughts on the game so far.

Admit it, are Square-Enix starting to win you over again?



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