Exo Zombies Easter Egg key card locations with Decker mystery

By Alan Ng - Jan 28, 2015

Zombies is now available on Advanced Warfare with the Havoc DLC pack. The big talking point though, is Sledgehammer’s s Exo Zombies Easter Egg in Advanced Warfare as there is definitely a big secret to unlock.

The great thing that we can see, is that it looks like Sledgehammer has made the challenge a tough one for zombie veterans. We all know how popular easter egg quests are on Treyarch zombies and now it’s great to see players getting stuck into the latest one on Advanced Warfare.

Right now, we can imagine that most of you are currently on the hunt for the Exo Zombies Easter Egg key card locations. This is the first step on the way to completing the Easter Egg but we can already see that this is proving to be a tough task.

As far as we’re aware, there’s four key card locations to find in Outbreak, for the four celebrity characters. Three of them are relatively simple to find, but it looks like nobody has managed to find the last one – in the entire world.


Specifically, we and many other players are stuck trying to find out where the Exo Zombies key card for Decker is in the Incinerator. You can gain access to the Incinerator room by travelling down rubbish shoots simultaneously when playing with three other teammates.

However, Decker’s key card in the Incinerator hasn’t been found yet and it seems that players are stuck on it for the time being. You only have a limited amount of time in this room with the moving wall, so where could it be?

Is everyone missing something and the card isn’t actually in the room? The audio clip suggests that it is though and we’ve even seen some players attempt to deploy drones in the room – to no avail.

We’ve added four videos below from NGTZombies to bring you up to speed. Three of them offer the locations for the first three cards, but the last one shows you the fact that nobody can find Decker’s key card in zombies yet.

Have you found it or know somebody who has? Share your own thoughts and ideas on solving the easter egg below – let’s crack it together!

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  • Bostonadams14

    I get deckers card first time everytime it’s pretty easy

  • Roger Burkhart


  • Ray

    Have you tried getting all four players in the incinerator then similtaneously go down the other four garbage chutes that exit it

  • Jared Stern

    My friend knows where it is and im playing with him today to do it, ill post again when i find it

  • steven

    hit the like button for more posts about the next map packs thx guys ill cover what you want when you want it if the post I posted earlier gets 20 likes then ill post info on the next advanced warfare exo zombies map and the name of the next exo zombies wonder weapon thx this is man KILLER 9999 peace out.

  • steven

    shoot the floor to the left of the room with a machine gun the card will come out of the ground and you will pick it up and get the hell out of there before you die if you have xbox 360 or xbox one add me I can give u a mod menu and I cant get you all the atchevments for exo zombies and I can even get you through the easter egg for exo zombies and I can show you some glitches that I have found
    my xbox live account name is man KILLER 9999 thx you guys if you have any more questions about the easter egg for exo zombies let me know and ill be glad to post more info peace out.

    • Tj Lazar

      hey um add me and i need you to show me my name is TJ THE BOSS17

  • baddestduck2

    What room? Sorry to ask

  • Mark Nunns

    Near enough done it. U have to go down the shoots more than once. All I’m going to say is that u go to the shoots press them but pull back immediately. Throw impact grenades at the shoots the first time. Then when u come out the women will say something about connecting you to someone that can help. Then the next time u go the room will be bigger. U then throw the monkey bomb things and she says something about you being a hero. Then the third time u throw the assault charge into the shoots. The room is massive by this time. When u come down the shoots the woman says something is active. There are a few more parts to it but I’ve given u the beginning. If u don’t believe me try it yourself. If u wanna c it join my twitch page MrFloatyHead.

    • baddestduck2

      What is your gamer tag? So I can play with you

      • Mark Nunns

        Full at min Srry buddy leave yours here an I’ll add u

    • idiot you wrote this

      You’re a lier that’s nothing at all lol

  • alwyknowin

    has anyone looked up in that room???maybe you can exo boost somewhere

    • Bowdad

      Shoot floor on left side facing moving towards u

  • drasticreaper6

    You got to shoot at floor till it turns up

    • Bowdad

      Shoot the floor with what? Where did u find it?

  • darkblade ryder

    Has anyone tried looking around the area you end up after it kicks you out of the room. Other suggestions are try to exo slide into the middle barrier that the wall is pushing you into.

    • Khameleon

      not a bad idea. That might work seeing as the middle bit is looks pleasing for sliding.
      My idea was that you would let the wall crush you and see what happens then. Maybe you will unlock it in their the next game? after it has killed you a certain amount of times?

      • darkblade ryder

        i think from what I’ve seen on the videos is that someone said they tried it and the wall crushed them and killed them but maybe if you lie down in the gap it may push you through.