EA FIFA 15 web app, UT problems on Jan 28

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 28, 2015

Following EA servers going down just yesterday, we now notice thousands reporting FIFA 15 web app problems within the last 30 minutes and this is impacting most regions. Other issues being reported this morning are for Xbox 360 and One owners, although it’s not clear if the PlayStation platform is having similar outages.

In regard to the FIFA 15 web app, EA hasn’t confirmed any outage or minor problems for January 28, 2015. This is pretty normal considering the downtime has taken place within the last hour, so they might be trying to figure out what’s going on before leaving a tweet answering many complaints.


One Product Reviews reader said, “the web app won’t load, I think it’s down today”. Another added, “I’m having the same problems for xbox 360, it is a joke following the servers not working yesterday”.

The Down Today website is also receiving status updates for both EA servers on Jan 28, and the Ultimate Team online mode. This is what one of their readers said, “I’m connected to servers on Fifa 15 Xbox 360 but it won’t let me go onto ultimate team? What’s going on EA?”.

Are you having problems with the FIFA 15 UT web app today, or if platform related issues what console are you playing on? Please leave any local city in the comments, so we can spot patterns during outages. We have reached out to EA Sports FIFA Twitter account for a comment, which hasn’t responded just yet like they did with the server outages yesterday.

Update: The error message being displayed states, “there was a problem communicating with the FIFA Ultimate Team servers”.

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  • Darren Staker

    I can normally get onto the web app ok, but for weeks now i cant do ANYTHING concerning transfers!!! i cant buy, cant sell, cant relist, NOTHING!!!! What the hell is going on EA?????????

  • Clemenza

    I was FIFA 15 on my 2 week old PS4 last night and had no problems. 10 hours later (without even removing the disc) I can’t connect to FUT, my career progress is “damaged” and can’t be played, the names of players in single player kickoff are completely wrong (eg fabregas being named akinfenwa on his shirt and by commentators whilst maintaining stats whilst courtois was called clancy haha). I restarted the game and get told at the after pressing X that I need to log in to access online features; pressing X again error ce-34878-0 comes up and i am taken to the report a problem menu. I don’t know if it’s my PS4 or EA but it freaking sucks!

    • I

      Change your arena player that should fix it

  • Ethan

    The companion app is working, but that’s it.

  • greg

    Mine just won’t load and gives me no message tried seasons said there was trouble downloading teams and I’m ps3

  • ARW

    Good, I personally hope this awful company is taken down for weeks not hours.
    They made a broken game and then broke it with a patch and now won’t tell us if they are going to fix it.
    FIFA is a game for kids who know nothing about football, it can stay in the doldrums of mediocrity even if the financial figures make it look like a success.

  • mitchell

    does anyone know when it will be back up

  • Rob


  • Paul

    Can’t even start a new career, my autosaves are damaged. Whats going on?

  • Billy

    I am getting the problem communicating with FIFA Ultimate server message.

    • mitchell

      Same here

  • Katie

    The web app isn’t working for me, won’t load either.

    • amir

      The club and players are not updated also right ?