Dying Light PS4 Vs Xbox One graphics equality

By Alan Ng - Jan 28, 2015

Did you pick up a copy of Dying Light yet? The open world zombie game is continuing to take gamers by surprise, with a somewhat subdued launch compared to other high profile games in the genre.

That’s not to say that Dying Light isn’t great though – early feedback based on Metacritic data suggests that those who have already picked up a physical or digital copy in the US have so far been very impressed with the game.

The current meta score for Dying Light is an 8.6 User score, while Critic reviews will be published as soon as the game hits other regions such as Europe by the end of the week.


What we wanted to show you though, is what looks to be the first Dying Light PS4 Vs Xbox One graphics comparison. It’s not the best one we have seen in terms of polish, but it should satisfy those who insist on seeing these types of videos before purchasing.

Remember that Dying Light has only just gone on sale in Europe, so we expect more PS4 Vs Xbox One graphics analysis to be uploaded before the end of the week – including Digital Foundrys.

Based on this first video though, it is clear that it is going to be very difficult to pick out any specific differences in terms of graphics between the two – if any.

That’s a good thing too as the last thing we need is another heated console war brewing on which version looks the best. The developers appear to have aimed for complete parity on Dying Light – check out the video below, (PS4 on the left, Xbox One on the right) then give us your thoughts on it.

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  • general rupture

    Its a good game. The combat mechanic is straight out of dead island but feels much more responsive. The Parkour element of the game is brilliant. It makes running around the world almost as fun as smashing zombies heads in…nighttime is terrifying. I’ve not played the coop or other multiplayer modes yet but meeting up with friends and killing zombies together sounds even more fun. If u liked dead island but thought it lacked a certain something, dying light is for you. It feels awesome.

  • Pony’s Gaffer-Hive mind

    Sony paying the developter not to use the DX12 unlocking codes

    • Josh101

      DX12 hasn’t been released yet…. What a dumb statement…

  • korevirus

    fanboys don’t care about that lol. Still 50/50 on this game will likely wait later on

  • Fweds

    Good to see they both look the same, now about that other little thing that some people might be interested in, you know, GAMEPLAY.

    • someguy-_-

      yea what this guy ^ said…

    • A Tardy Gamer appeared!

      I second that.