Destiny Xur search for Gjallarhorn on Jan 30

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2015

We’ve had the Icebreaker in the last few weeks, so is it now time for the Destiny Xur location on Jan 30 to produce the fabled Gjallarhorn rocket launcher?

Many players thought that we would never see the Icebreaker from Xur again after months of disappointment. The wonderful randomness of Xur came through once again though and made a lot of players very happy in the process.

Last week was considered a disappointment by many, as Xur offered the No Land Beyond sniper rifle. It was a disappointment as we recall many players had already purchased it from Xur a few weeks before.

Another week is another opportunity to see the Gjallarhorn though and we’re feeling quietly confident that Xur will produce the goods.


Xur’s location in the tower on January 30 will once again change, so don’t expect to find him next to the Vanguard again as we saw last week.

Remember, for those asking what time will Xur spawn in the Tower, you’ll need to know that this will be 9am GMT for UK gamers on Friday Jan 30. For everyone else in the US, that means 1am Pacific Time and 4am Eastern, so make sure you are ready!

As we countdown to another appearance from Xur, would you agree that the Gjallarhorn is the only remaining weapon that you want to buy from Xur?

There’s rumors suggesting that it isn’t available from Xur’s inventory full stop, what do you say to that if true?

UPDATE: Xur is live and he has the Dragon’s Breath this week. Full items, location and video here! Leave your feedback below as always, are you happy?

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  • blessedangel47

    Xur please never sell ghorn. Listening to all this bitching makes me laugh so hard it hurts 😛

  • Josh

    If Xur sells Gally, this game is screwed. The Vex Mythoclast will be the only exotic gun in the game that is actually hard to get.

  • Bickmurry

    This is crap!!! I’m done!! Quick wasting all of your time grinding and farming for items hoping for good loot drops and getting jack sh*t!
    The loot system is broken! Grinding for days and weeks with no loot drops is going to drive players insane! Not everyone has the time to play this game nonstop or grind for hours and days to keep getting crap!

    Xur needed to sell Ghorn this week to keep Destiny users appeased (me especially, a lvl 32 who beat Crota HM 6x and still don’t have ghorn and beat Atheon HM around 80x still no Vex! Many nightfalls getting effing strange coins!), so now FU Destiny! I’m sick of it and so is everyone else! The biggest snack in the face is the worst Crota Raid ever with crappy weapons!! Come on did you see the Necrocasm!? Total dog sh*t!
    People are getting sick of this and I for one am officially done. Done. Done.

    • Got4Gjallahorns

      I have four Vex after 7 HM VoG…you’re a penis

  • OperationFenix

    I got my Gjallerhorn in the nightfall last week. Its random and unexpected , but if I could I would trade it for a vex! The grass is always greener on the othee side, thanks RNG!

  • Glenn Boone

    I’m done, I’ve been playing since it came out, level 32 for about a month now have everything but the gjallarhorn and it’s getting to repetitive, really don’t know why I’m playing now.. every week when xur would show up I was excited now I’m really starting not to care.. it’s really hard trying to find the right team to do raids with and the weapon leveling system sucks. Since I payed for both dlc’s just waiting to see if there any changes, if not I’m done for gd.. and please sale the gjallarhorn next week that’s all gamers want now, stop disappointing us with all this unnecessary stuff.

  • why

    I mean warlocks

  • why

    Why does xur hate warlacks


    what is xur seling today

    • Jeffswilarski

      Your mom.

  • Bret?!?!

    Out of all exotics and bounty exotics I’m just missing suros, and Monte Carlo

    • Davestevens

      Lucky you u must suck! Most people maybe have a few exotics it’s people like you u piss us real gamers off! U just get lucky while the rest of of who don’t cheese and we grind out a@@ off and get repeated crap! :-p

      • Bret?!?!

        Never cheesed starting playing crota after all patches

  • Ack

    I need red death no ghorn

  • Yeet

    Suros Regime

    • nam

      YES I want that too

    • Soren

      I really need Suros.. I already bought icebreaker and got gjallarhorn from the crucible.. I just need the health regen for crota hard

  • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

    S/O to the Real niggas that got both

    Icebreaker & Gjallarhorn

    • TruthSpeaker

      It’s people like you that are making this game go downhill by thinking you are better than others for simply having luck on your side and or have been playing since release. How about this S/O to the real gamers who don’t look down on others for being less fortunate but assist them and encourage them to continue playing

      • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

        Xur told me to tell you to suck his dick…his words not mine!

        • BabyBoiBob


        • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

          Yea I know!…but hey I’m just the messenger!

    • KKKguy

      Ignorant people like you shouldn’t be allowed to play this game

      • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

        Yep…and ur rite Destiny has Hoed me so many times on engrams I’m bout to just stop playing!

  • l337 sk11z

    Got one from a nightfall and scraped it. To be honest the thing looks stupid. If people haven’t figured out that rockets are completely useless in pve. And are only good for pvp. But what do I know, I have only been playing online role-playing games since the very first Xbox.

    • Wow

      Bruh, you’re an idiot.

      • Viktor

        Amen! only 2 guns in destiny should never be dismental – g-horn and ice breaker. Anyone who dismentals G-horn shouldn’t play destiny.

        • morduhi levar

          unless you have a 4th g-horn

        • Jayythebaws

          Tell that to xEnragedCinema xD

    • gjallerhorny

      You obviously have not used any good rocket launchers. They are useless until you add tracking then they are amazing tools for taking town big bosses fast.

      We beat omnigaul in minutes by all hitting her with rockets. She didn’t even have a chance to scream.

    • Coffin Dancer

      Are you retarted? G Horn is very useful in pve.. Boss fights, let alone raids.

    • 75at56

      I’ve been playing since the very first Playstation 1. A whole generation before Xbox.
      :edit: and yes while I probably would not buy the gjallahorn over a good primary exotic, I would still like to have it for Crota, omnigull, etc.

    • Diablo

      The Destiny forums state that the Gjallahorn was made specifically for boss fights, dumbass!

    • BigShow

      LMFAO Wow , I use my Extra Heavy Ammo exotic armor and get 7 shots I can bring strike bosses to their knees so fast they think they got hit by a truck . You know nothing!!!!!!!

    • morduhi levar

      more like gayhorn

  • Rael

    My level 32 buddy I do most of my runs with has been desperately after Gjal after he missed it the first time. And last night he got it in a random drop in Crota. I laughed and told him it will probably be for sale this weekend by Xur…
    I’ve got Saint pre-update. Missed the last time Xur had it for upgrade (Christmas break), so I’m hoping it pops up for sale or upgrade myself. A guy I ran into during a Crota raid bought 8 helm engrams and couldn’t pull Saint so don’t feel too bad…

  • Viktor

    I only need 2 things: Gjallarhorn and Saint-14!
    Last week he had helm engrams – I bought 3 with my motes of light – since it’s the only meaningful way to spend your motes of light in destiny 🙂 and pulled 3 helms none of which was Saint-14 🙁 what a disappointment!

    Btw last week inventory didn’t disappoint me much, since we got IB a week before. So, people should be happy, and not too greedy. But still … Saint 14 or Gjallarhorn 🙂

    • mad876

      Unlucky me got 2 hunter helms… Got glasshouse 2 so wasn’t all bad…. I’m still waiting for Gjallarhorn and Saint-14!

      • Viktor

        I got glasshouse too but it’s not as good defender item as saint14. Let’s hope we will get it soon.

    • bubbazanetti

      This is where trading should start. I play hunters and warlocks. Went to xur as my hunter for helms & rolled the saint-14 & obsidian mind. I DONT value saint-14 but would kill for a gjalla. Can’t see what’s so good about saint-14.

      • Viktor

        Saint 14 is and ultimate protection. They can’t kill u from the outside and inside of ur dome they r disoriented. Btw trading won’t be implemented – developers been asked and answer was no, they want ppl to feel like whatever u have reflects whatever u have earned

        • morduhi levar

          minus some raid items, i have all weapons i really want, got ice breaker, ghorn and suros, those were the 3 i really wanted. i hope he never has any of those again

        • Viktor

          I hear you. I wanted IB so badly – but now since 1.1 mil of them been sold 2 weeks ago it’s nothing unique. But I still like my Thorn and Pocket Infinity because Xur will never sell them, they are exotic bounties items and you have to work hard to EARN them and not any kind douche with strange coins will just buy it.

        • morduhi levar

          yeah…i have all of the exotic bounty weapons…thorns was by far the hardest

        • Swg

          Too bad whatever you have reflects your luck.

        • Viktor

          Amen. I saw ppl join a fight, kill 1 monster and being rewarded exotics, while people who did all the fighting and heavy lifting got nothing. LOL for that bungie stinks.

      • brett

        Blinding and disorienting enemies is a priceless tool for pve

    • dabdealer

      Dude that sucks I bought 2 and got it on my 2nd one xD

    • Andrew Ccfc Mills

      The hunger of Crota rocket launcher is just as good as the gjallarhorn in my opinion plus you can equip an icebreaker and have a quality rocket launcher

      • Viktor

        Hunger of Crota is good as a Legendary option. Thats why people are calling hunger of crota – mini gjallarhorn. But it’s still different. Gjallarhorn is great for taking out one target – bosses, because of it’s self-targeting cluster bombs. Hunger of crota cluster bombs detanate around the target and good for croud control – but they r not landing all cluster explosions onto one target. Thats why HOC is good but not as good as G-horn.