Destiny Xur search for Gjallarhorn on Jan 30

We’ve had the Icebreaker in the last few weeks, so is it now time for the Destiny Xur location on Jan 30 to produce the fabled Gjallarhorn rocket launcher?

Many players thought that we would never see the Icebreaker from Xur again after months of disappointment. The wonderful randomness of Xur came through once again though and made a lot of players very happy in the process.

Last week was considered a disappointment by many, as Xur offered the No Land Beyond sniper rifle. It was a disappointment as we recall many players had already purchased it from Xur a few weeks before.

Another week is another opportunity to see the Gjallarhorn though and we’re feeling quietly confident that Xur will produce the goods.


Xur’s location in the tower on January 30 will once again change, so don’t expect to find him next to the Vanguard again as we saw last week.

Remember, for those asking what time will Xur spawn in the Tower, you’ll need to know that this will be 9am GMT for UK gamers on Friday Jan 30. For everyone else in the US, that means 1am Pacific Time and 4am Eastern, so make sure you are ready!

As we countdown to another appearance from Xur, would you agree that the Gjallarhorn is the only remaining weapon that you want to buy from Xur?

There’s rumors suggesting that it isn’t available from Xur’s inventory full stop, what do you say to that if true?

UPDATE: Xur is live and he has the Dragon’s Breath this week. Full items, location and video here! Leave your feedback below as always, are you happy?



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