Destiny Banjo, Cattle error problems today

By Alan Ng - Jan 28, 2015

Taking on Crota on hard mode is frustrating enough. What about when you can’t sign into Destiny though due to a Banjo error? We are seeing that the Destiny server status is ok for most at the moment, but others are getting the banjo error and also a Destiny Cattle error code today as well.

We were just able to connect ourselves without any problems, however within the last hour or two we have been getting complaints from others who say that the Destiny servers are down.

Specifically, the biggest problem appears to be this Cattle error on Destiny, which is in relation to the Banjo error which first started appearing in the game last year.

You can see a confirmation of the error in question with an image below, while a second image suggests that Destiny login problems today are happening as well for some gamers.


For those looking how to fix error code Banjo on Destiny PS4 and Xbox One versions, we have found this help article over at Bungie’s support page which may offer a solution.

If it is happening to you, Bungie advises gamers to close down Destiny and then relaunch the game to see if it works the second time. Failing that, they said that it could be a NAT problem due to networking and suggest users to visit a separate page here.

How is your experience with the Destiny matchmaking servers at the moment? Can you sign into Destiny and play without problems, or are you seeing the Banjo or Cattle errors as highlighted above?

It may also be worth mentioning that some users have also said that PSN is down on January 28 in Europe. We’re not sure if the problems are connected, but we will keep you updated either way.

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  • pureblood94

    umm I live and Michigan I cant even get on my game or xbox live to even update my system please help

  • Hypertoken77

    Banjo codes all morning, USA West Coast… tried 2 different xbox’s, same error, however direct connect to my modem and I can login.

    WTF this worked just fine yesterday!!! I even put my xbox in the DMZ and still getting errors.

    Guess the rest of the house is just SOL while I play Destiny.

  • That guy

    Banjo ps4. I thought what we had was special bungie.

  • Brad Sinclair

    Able to play gta online with other people on xbox one which is saying a lot. Definitely a destiny thing. Still getting banjo error

  • Anthony Emma

    USA – East Coast – cattle error since 7am EST. Restored all network appliances to default. no help. Netflix fine, PS Store fine.

  • Jay VanSchelt

    Cattle error code from 06:45-12:20 EST so far. I was able to log in around 05:45 but got kicked an hour later and haven’t been able to log in since.

  • Ellis

    All across the UK aaaaaaannd every unfortunate soul to have been lured into BT, its not destiny its BT

  • ben

    UK here and BT here..banjo won’t let me join destiny server. Could join Ghosts and psn store up. Nat type 2.