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Tinder problems due to Lizardsquad attack?

Moments ago we reported on the fact that the Facebook and Instagram websites were down. We initially thought that this was an outage, but now we can see that Tinder is down too and also not working.

It also leads us to believe that all three websites are connected to each other, obviously Facebook and Instagram are but by connected we mean a deliberate attack.

We have since spotted a Tweet which was published by the hacking group ‘Lizardsquad’ just minutes ago. They are claiming responsibility for the attack, which is outrageous if true.


Don’t forget that this is coming 24 hours after the same group claimed responsibility for taking the Malaysia Airlines website down – and having success with it.

Are immediate thoughts are, how does this keep happening? Why isn’t anyone doing anything to stop these kinds of attacks from occurring – are they that easy?

Right now, Facebook and Instagram are still offline and Tinder is still not working – think of all those poor matchmakers out there, what are they going to do now?

Give us your reaction to this – can you believe that this Lizardsquad group is getting away with these attacks with no apparent repercussions?

Let us know if the Tinder login is still down for you today.



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