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Snapchat iOS layout update, contacts not lost

We have received complaints from Snapchat users because they believe that they have lost their contacts. However, we have just learned there was an update, which changed the layout of the contacts and so you do not have to fear, as they are still there.

The new Snapchat Version 9.0.0 for iOS has not only changed the layout, and so those contacts are not lost, but added an all-new feature as well. There is now Discover, a new feature that is located just by swiping away from Stories.

Snapchat iOS layout update

This is said to be a much more fun way to explore Snaps, although we will just have to take their word for that, just until users have a chance to test it for a few days to see how they get on.

You just tap to open a Channel, or swipe to the left the glide through Snaps. And, beneath each top Snap are long form videos and articles for you to enjoy.

There is nothing else we can really say about the new version of Snapchat for iOS, and so all that is left is for you to give it a test drive.



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