Mortal Kombat X Reptile variations, fatalities excitement

We were promised two new Mortal Kombat X characters this week and now we are really excited to confirm that the first one has been revealed as Reptile.

The classic ninja is back in Mortal Kombat X and we can already see that there is a big debate going on about Reptile’s variations in Mortal Kombat X.

Unfortunately, NetherRealm only showed us one of them in the Reptile gameplay trailer but the good news is that a stream will be shown this Thursday which may unveil the other two.


Watch the trailer below and you’ll see that Reptile is back with his trademark moves. These include his slide, acid spit, acid ball and invisibility moves.

Watch at the 0.45 mark and you’ll also see that Reptile’s shoulder barge can go through projectiles whilst invisible – is this a new ability we wonder?

Towards the end of the trailer you’ll see Reptile’s X-Ray move and one of Reptile’s fatalities in Mortal Kombat X – the other one has been kept a secret for now but hopefully it will be revealed soon.

What are your first impressions of Reptile? More importantly, what should the two other variations be? We’re assuming one of them is a human form, which we have seen in most Mortal Kombat games in the series – what about the other one though?

Give us your best ideas on Reptile’s variations and what you would love to see.



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