Facebook, Instagram login down, not working suddenly

By Alan Ng - Jan 27, 2015

Kiss goodbye to your social life at the moment, as it appears that Facebook is down and is not working today. The same can also be said for Instagram as it’s down too since both are connected to each other.

This has come as a complete surprise and with both services going down suddenly it has hit users like a ton of bricks with Twitter being the only remaining saviour.

At the moment, we can see that the Facebook website is not loading at all and this appears to be affecting users globally rather than a specific area.


We’ve had a quick look at the Facebook Twitter account and there’s no updates yet from the team. We imagine that they are working to fix up the problem as we speak, so hopefully Facebook will be back up as soon as possible.

With the Instagram login down too though, this appears to be a fairly serious problem. Can you log into Facebook at the moment or is everything still down for you?

We’ll update this when we have fresh information for you. Has your social life been ruined in the space of a few minutes – Whatever will you do with your life now?

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  • dorothy

    not on in Australia where I live as yet

  • Michal

    also back in Israel

  • crysta

    Back in CA, US

  • Kosovo

    Its back Kosovo

  • Court

    Works now!

  • Mon

    ITS BACK!!! Australia

    • dorothy

      lucky you not on where I live as yet

  • Anna

    Seriously this is more entertaining than Facebook itself!! Amazed at how many places are affected.

  • osirisandloki

    down in australia 🙁

  • moo

    Let the RIOTS begin!!! hahaha

  • Kosovo

    Down in Kosovo

  • Anonymous

    Down in Louisiana. Like alot of the so I’ll media sites are down, not just Facebook and Instagram. Twitters down now too, atleast on my end. Hope it isn’t a deliberate DDOS attack.

  • Sarah Connor

    My name is Sarah Connor, and today is the day facebook went offline. Watching John with the machine, it was suddenly so clear. The facebook, would never go back online. It never left him, and it never hurt him, never shouted at him, or got drunk and hit him, or said it was too busy to spend time with him. It would have always been there. And yet, it would die, to protect him. Of all the would-be fathers who came and went over the years, this thing, this machine, this facebook, was the only one who measured up. In an insane world, it was the sanest choice….

    • Ahhhnna

      Come with me if you wanna live

  • It’s meeh

    Down in Hawaiʻi

  • afi

    down in sri lanka

  • Samantha

    However long will it take.. Im tired of waiting. Have no life currently.

  • melody

    Down in Texas! This is hurting my insomnia lol.

  • brandon

    I hacked fb


  • manoj wijerathne

    God bless facebook

  • salvatoresan

    down in mexico

  • Johnny Garcia


  • Trilla

    Lmao im going back too myspace..

  • manoj wijerathne

    Hope this is not a terrorist attack

  • SK

    Down in Mongolia

  • michal

    down in Israel

  • Anna

    I guess I can go to bed now haha
    Down in CA!!

  • arturo

    No!!!!!! Down in california

  • me

    facebook is down in saskatchewan canada

  • Tariq

    Down in India

  • vani

    down in india

  • abdooo

    down in Egypt

  • me

    hmmm facebook must be hacked by terrorists lol

    • Tom

      It seems so weird. I’m stoned, and feel like the “blizzard” in the north east of USA mixed with their relations wtih NK, plus the blackout seems fairly fishy; especially when they have servers and headquarters in the north eastern metro areas.

  • Bristol Restaurant Buff

    down in the UK

  • batman

    Down in India

  • Down in Australia.

    • Samantha

      Sadly.. yes :/ Im currently life-less

  • 235

    down in China

  • Court

    Still won’t load page ):

  • Abhinay Arora

    Down in USA!

  • Angel

    Down in Nevada…

  • Amit G Sarkar