Advanced Warfare Zombies downloadable content package error

By Alan Ng - Jan 27, 2015

Given the anticipation for the very first zombies map for Advanced Warfare, we would have expected Sledgehammer to be able to launch the content without any problems.

Unfortunately though, since installation we can see that there appears to be a big problem resulting in Advanced Warfare Zombies not working.

Specifically, we are seeing a constant error after installing the Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC which reads: “A downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out”.

You can see confirmation of the error which happened to us in the image directly below. After doing some digging, we realised that this could be happening to everyone.


The bad thing about this, is that Sledgehammer’s developers are probably fast asleep without even noticing that gamers cannot play the content – meaning that we may have to wait until office hours the following morning in case a fix is needed.

From what we see, there doesn’t appear to be a fix for the Advanced Warfare downloadable content package error, so it’s definitely frustrating at the moment – if there is a workaround, please let us know below!

We are trying to find a resolution to this problem right now. If we hear from Sledgehammer Games regarding a fix, we will update this as soon as possible.

Give us your experience so far. Are you getting the exact same message on your game right now meaning that you cannot even play with the Season Pass – what platform are you playing on?

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  • Tyjummper

    I don’t know if this will help everybody, but it sure fixed my zombies, first, put your season pass onto a flashdrive (so you don’t lose you’re season pass), then delete it from your hard drive in your storage under ‘Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’, However, before doing this, set zombies to you’re default on AW. Once all steps are done, proceed to call of duty and then select zombies and you should be good to go!

  • caleb

    Install havoc and u can playnif u biught the season pass

  • sandy

    Having same problem, anyone comes up with a solution, please let me know. Eager to play zombie maps.

  • Braedon Schumann

    Having the exact same problem