Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC live at 6.73GB

By Alan Ng - Jan 27, 2015

We knew that the COD Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC release time was coming at any minute and now we’re pleased to see that it has gone live early.

We have been updating our initial article with the release time, keeping COD fans busy with the latest info as it comes in from SH Games.

A Tweet sent out by one of the game creators revealed that the content would be out at 1am. However, a time was not specified and general consensus was that it was 1AM PST.


However, an image supplied by Product Reviews reader Westerfluff reveals that the content went live at around 1AM Eastern Time – actually earlier than that in fact.

We can confirm that the Havoc DLC file is 6.73GB in size, so it’s a fairly large download and may take a while to install depending on your connection.

For those asking how to download the Havoc DLC in store, head to the Advanced Warfare DLC advertising section, then from there you should be able to locate Havoc and start installing yourself.

So there we have it – it should be live for a lot of you right now! Let us know if you are installing as we speak and what you are going to play first.

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    2 days later and still no fix WTF they may as well refund everyone and give the 1st DLC out for free

  • Mike

    I got the havoc dlc the day it came out I have zombies and the maps but not the new guns anyone else haveing this problem?


      Same here except I have neither the guns or zombies and sledgehammer isn’t saying on twitter when a fix will come smdh

      • 175SMK

        Same here. Won’t run, gets to certain spot and then goes to home menu. Honestly, its inexcuseable.

  • Tyqz

    new zombie dlc aw not working what do i do

  • lulu magoo

    Downloaded but when i attempted to play it says i need to go purchase….wth…

  • josh

    Do you have to wait for it to completely install before playing? I’m not even half way through it and it has been 5 hours

    • Braeden Lamoureux

      Ummm that must be you connection its been 20 mins for me and im at 20%

  • Joachim Wuebber

    Biggest Concern for the New DLC, Zombies Gamemode has the biggest lag when playing online with anyone. Once higher rounds reach you can kiss your score good bye

  • tommy9

    Is it just mine or is it taking hours to down load! !!

  • vintagebshoot

    I’m on xbox one ingot the maps but can’t get the guns anyone else getting this

    • KsevRolla

      i got this with xbox 360

  • NinjaKitty

    Exo-zombies isn’t working…. I got the season pass primarily for that… Feel like I threw away $50… Kinda pissed

    • Tristan Purbaya

      its working you need to follow some steps just login in a non xbox live acc go in zombies (yes that loads:)) and than press xbox live and login in ur acc and enjoy

  • Tommy

    Just restarted xbox took power lead out then in before restarted
    signed in there was a havoc pic clicked on it it said in stall so its installing 6.73gb
    so hopefully will work keep yous posted

    • Thomas

      All working now

  • Tommy

    Hi i bought the season pass here as well got new guns but no maps wtf happening

    • peanut

      Same I got a season pass with the Xbox one

  • Swaggerz21

    Can’t wait for it, although it does look a little tricky from the trailer

  • Scaryspyder

    In the UK not downloading on xbox one with season pass dolwnloaded on xbox 360 but no zombies WTF

    • peanut


  • Synner

    My exo zombies won’t load. It only says error content has been deleted from the package or user has be signed off. Anyone else getting that ?? I’m frustrated I’ve only been waiting on zombies.

    • PR3D4TOR

      mine says exactly the same !!!!

      • leon

        mine says the same anyone know how to fix?

    • Myron

      Mine says the same and I’m on Xbox 360 how do I play it

    • MorbidAngel94

      I have the same problem

  • DeezNuts

    im gonna kill myself becaz no zombies 😢😓😪

  • Easton Scott Landon Dillard

    It still won’t let me in zombies y not!!!!!!!!

  • Doctor

    Having trouble say download content was removed or all profiles signed out, help

  • mrsastley

    My husband is getting the same message its getting ridiculous now he has uninstalled and reinstalled aw but still nothing the download worked but he cant access the zombies any ideas

  • Easton Scott Landon Dillard

    Mine says that it only takes 1.13 GB and I downloaded it and it won’t let me play zombies so what do I do

    • ʎǝlᴉɯS

      it took 1.13 GB and you have to dashboard before playing

  • Nick

    Issues with exo zombies. Getting error message…. Help!

  • daveèeeee

    I had to restart xbox one by unplugging to get it to download a update for cod before i could play new maps

  • alex

    Just updated But says I have to purchase the maps… I have season pass so????

    • Zorro_x_Kakashi

      just download through the store.

      • Shane Forktus

        I’m having the same problem and when i go to the xbox live store it still says I have to buy it…

        • Jrizzle

          I spoke with Xbox support, there are two known issues. 1. The zombies not working and 2. Having to purchase the DLC when owning the season pass. The answer I was given is to stay patient and wait for an update to fix the DLC issues. No eta. Total BS.

        • Alec

          Just go and press a on the doc even if it says $14:99. Your Xbox will say you own this and then start the installation

        • Alec

          Not doc. I meant dlc

        • Allan uk

          Yeah that’s how u do it

        • Jrizzle

          This happens if I click on the season pass but if I click on the DLC it takes me to a purchase screen saying my card will be charged $14.99 immediately and there are no refunds..

        • chestrockwell4

          Load call of Duty. Go to Xbox live. Select multiplayer. Select Store. You should be able to find the Havoc DLC $14.99. Select it as if your buying It. A prompt will pop up saying “you already own Havoc DLC do u wish to install now. Select install. Now sit back and enjoy the wait because I’m at 45min now and its at 11%

    • Jrizzle

      I have this same problem.. I’m not about to risk paying another $15 when I already purchased the season pass.. So counter intuitive.

  • Blindluck

    Search havoc in store to see it

  • mosesbadmofo

    About 45 mins to download everything on 360. U guys with Xbox one have 6+ gb file, going to take a very long time. Don’t think speed is set by ur internet but by xbox lives upload services, which is slow…

    • Zorro_x_Kakashi

      nope was done in 15 mins 🙂

  • ray

    any one having problems with “dlc was removed or all profiles signed out?”

    • mosesbadmofo

      Yes am having same problem, downloaded updates, then 1.13 gb package. Start game, went to main menu, clicked zombies. Then after few moments I get that same message.

      • Easton Scott Landon Dillard

        Me to same message what do I do !!!!

        • mosesbadmofo

          I deleted both update, 35 mb and compatibility 1 pack which said was only 22.88 KB but on hard drive it was 300+ MB. It takes too long to download if only 22.kb so maybe that is issue? Error on their part. But will tell u what happens soon as download is comple. Kept Havoc dlc file so shouldn’t be to long

        • Easton Scott Landon Dillard

          And zombies work good does a update thing pop up when u go back into advanced warfare so u can download it again

        • mosesbadmofo

          Didn’t work for me! What exactly did you do?

        • Easton Scott Landon Dillard

          No I was asking you if it works

        • mosesbadmofo

          Found answer! Exit game, disconnect from internet, turn off router or unplug cord but don’t sign out of ur profile
          Then open game, go to main menu, click zombies then video will play. Then reconnect to internet and click zombies again and u will be in!

        • Reece Harrison

          this worked!!! brilliant, thanks pal

        • mosesbadmofo

          Found answer! Exit game, disconnect from internet, turn off router or unplug cord but don’t sign out of ur profile
          Then open game, go to main menu, click zombies then video will play. Then reconnect to internet and click zombies again and u will be in!

        • Easton Scott Landon Dillard

          It didn’t work!!!!

        • mosesbadmofo

          Do u have all 3 downloads, havoc dlc, update patch and compatibility pack 1? Check storage on aw game, look for updates there, all should be from yesterday or today. If u have all 3 then just unplug internet AFTER u sign in ur profle, open call of duty main menu, click zombies, video will play. When over stay on same screen, turn router back on wait till it connect back to internet or plug back Ethernet cord if u don’t use WiFi, hit xbox center button on controller look for connect to xbox live option, connect, then hit zombies, good to go.

        • Easton Scott Landon Dillard

          Still don’t work!!!! I don’t know what to do????

        • mosesbadmofo

          That’s all I got, working for others on another thread, worked for me. Maybe clear xbox cache then open aw and try zombies. Was another suggestion but didn’t need to try bc other worked perfectly. If nothing works call Activision customer support see what they say

    • Tim

      Just download the compatibility pack

      • mosesbadmofo

        I did. Should I delete it and download? Maybe?

    • andrew


    • Easton Scott Landon Dillard

      Me I need help please

      • Claire Eden

        mosesbadmofo fix does work my hubby & 4mates just did it but you have to make sure its exact & you have downloaded the system update patch, the compatability patch & then the havoc dlc
        fix – 1= exit the game but stay signed into your gamer profile (DONOT TURN XBOX OFF)
        2= UNPLUG

        • Occupationlsumo

          Great, it worked!!!!

  • Tim

    Here in New Mexico just started downloading it

  • jojo

    I’m in Cali and its here just downloading update first than the mappack … Goto the search bar for add ons and games and search havoc and it will pop up I guarantee it

    • R

      working didint notice it was 50 percent downloaidng thought was complete

  • Martin

    No joy in uk for xb1 yet

    • Fz6mong

      It is in the uk otherwise mine wouldn’t be downloading!! But in 30mins sitting around the 60% it’s taking its time

  • Anthony Perkins

    Downloading it as we speak . Pittsburgh PA. Looking forward to playing zombies

  • JinXGing

    Those who can’t see the DLC option in store, try rebooting your xbox and starting game.

    • hazza1985

      Worked for me just the update first jh’eeze first 25% flew, only moved another 5% in 15mins guess am in for the long haul

  • JinXGing

    The 1.13 gb is after initial update download that takes a bit to download too.

  • Richard Brooks

    only 1.13 gb xbox 360

    • ViRal x FuRY

      do u know whene comes out in the uk

      • Richard Brooks

        you should restart ur box. then go and it might be available. have to dl a “compatibility pack first

  • mosesbadmofo

    Like Jo said, load game, go to xbox live, try to find match, should be two small updates, then restart game, go to xbox live again, then store, then dlc packs will show. 1.13 Gb size

    • austenjp

      How do you get the “update patch”?

  • Richard Brooks

    downing now alabama 3:26 am

  • bluerapturephotography

    It’s 227am in AZ still no Havoc

  • ViRal x FuRY

    what time it come out uk

  • mosesbadmofo

    Jo that’s my tag, on 360. mosesbadmofo
    Dlc taking its sweet time to download…

    • JinXGing

      Yes it is. I am downloading it now too

  • Jo

    Moses wats xbox live name

  • Jo

    I have it zombies here I go

  • mosesbadmofo

    Update on xbox 360 Havoc is here, California.

  • Jo

    Go in to a team death match it will then disconnect drone online and updat the game

  • Daring Do

    so it’s after 3 CST and I still am not seeing it. anyone else have it in this time zone?

    • Dave

      I’m in CST and nothing here either.

    • JinXGing

      3 a.m CST and downloading now. I turned off xbox 360 and turned back on. Went to AW game and it automatically started update. Then went to store on AW when update finished and started map pack download. Waiting for it to finish. Then away I go.

  • Jo

    When in uk

  • bluerapturephotography

    It’s 145 am AZ time still no Havoc… just the havoc in my house every one going crazy waiting for update to download. Boooooooo

  • Ryan

    I can’t find it any one have it on xboxone

  • Donovan

    1:30am in Az. No Dlc. Going to bed

  • D

    I download it but not showing up in game anywhere

    • Dave

      how did you download it

  • g

    NOT FOR ONE MORE HOUR OR MORE! read the full article!

    • Chris

      So one more hour or more

      • g

        yes sir thats what they said here…

        • g

          or 48 mins but who’s counting down?! 🙂

        • Chris

          Ok ill have to download it after school ): but i cant wait!

  • Zachariah Shaffar

    so is this only for one cause im on 360 and cant find it

    • Chris

      Yea i cant find it either

      • Dave

        i have xbox one no luck im pissed i stayed up lol

        • Chris

          I have school tomorrow

  • Chris

    Does anyone know what time it should release in Illinois?

  • Dave

    i heard it came out 1 am pst.

  • pierre carden

    Can’t download yet I’m guessing it goes up about 8.00 am gmt.

  • steven

    Can’t download

  • Cole

    I’m trying to get my store to load up and download it now and Exo Zombies!

    • Cole

      Are you guys sure? It’s not coming up anywhere for me

      • sloppyfattacos

        finally ready to download in AZ