New GTA Online job with Space Docker, Blimp location

If you are looking for some fun new Jobs to play around with on GTA Online, we have one great suggestion for you. More importantly, this Job that we have offers a way to use rare GTA V cars such as the Space Docker and even see multiple UFOs.

The Space Docker is unattainable in GTA Online, but you’ll be pleased to see that it is freely available in custom jobs.

One Job that we have located offers you the chance to drive it and see other rare vehicles in GTA Online such as the Xero Blimp and the snow car.


The Job that you want can be accessed on PS4 here and Xbox One here – make sure you are signed into the Rockstar Club to see the information.

For those that want a preview of what the job offers, we have included some brief gameplay below, courtesy of community member DomisLive.

If you were previously looking for the GTA V Online Space Docker location, this is going to be the next best thing. Check it out and let us know what you think.



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