Dying Light digital price vs. Tesco and GAME UK

By Peter Chubb - Jan 26, 2015

Dying Light is a game for the PC, PS4 and the Xbox One, although more emphasis seems to be put on the latter two. The digital copy is available to download from tomorrow, while the physical copy will become available at the end of next month.

We thought you would be interested to know how the Dying Light digital price compared to what you would pay at Tesco and GAME UK for the physical copy. You might be a little surprised and as such it could also affect your buying decision.

Dying Light digital price vs. physical

The PlayStation 4 digital version of this game will cost you £54.99 or £69.99 for the Premium Edition, which gives you additional weapons, skins, special missions, a competitive game mode and a Season Pass.

As for the Xbox One digital version, this will set you back £49.99, which is £5 cheaper than the rival console.

Then there are the physical copies, which are £26, £40 and £41 for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 at Tesco respectively. As for GAME UK, you will pay £24.99 and £44.99 for the PC and the consoles respectively.

However, these are Game Only Editions and come with extra content.

Now knowing these prices, will you go for digital or physical?

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  • Peter

    Almost everyone will buy the physical copy because Sony/Microsoft are incredibly greedy with their downloadable prices. They should ask themselves why would someone pay £15 more to download a game they don’t even get the disk for that has ZERO resale value and cant be given to a friend to complete. Id love to download games but not until the price reflects value for money. A £45 game should cost no more than £35 to download, otherwise you are always better off buying the hard copy.

    • John Millard

      they could give it to a friend if they let them have access to there live account, but the pricing is just ridiculous if the digital copy (£15 more is just crazy), but I bet people pay it just to have it early

      • Dying Interest

        You mean “have it on time”. Major screw up by Techland. I know I will not be buying this in Australia as by the time we get it, it will be a month and a half old game. Therefore, I will only buy it when it is at least half price. Besides, games like The Order will be out when the “rest of the world” edition comes out. Whereas, as this was the only AAA January game I liked the look of, I would have bought it Day 1 at full price. Day 45? Not so much? Also, you could pick up a copy from an American who has finished it by the time it comes out in Australia – which I would expect to go for about USD 20. Anyone who pays full price for an old game is a little gullible to say the least.