Dragon Age Inquisition missing Victory chest explained

If you were playing Dragon Age Inquisition over the weekend, you’ll know that the latest Multiplayer Weekend Event was a community driven one, offering a free victory chest for those that managed to complete certain criteria in time.

Previously commendation chests in Dragon Age Inquisition where given out instantly after completion of the task. However at the moment we can see that the Dragon Age Inquisition Victory chest is missing and players have been asking questions on how to get it.

Fortunately, we can bring you some answers on this. One of EA’s moderators has revealed that the Victory Chest handout is being delayed and will only be given out when the event ends.


This should be later on Monday evening, so don’t worry if you thought you were doing something wrong or had completed the task without receiving your award.

In the meantime, most of you should have already been given the commendation chest for opening 25 treasure chests with teammates – the loot should contain one or two nice rare level items for you.

We recently picked up a Sulevin Blade in our chest, so let us know what loot you managed to get. Are you also waiting for Bioware to offer the victory chest?



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