Terra Battle Co-Op code share for free energy

By Alan Ng - Jan 23, 2015

Mistwalker has just gone live with the second part of their massive Terra Battle 2.0 update. Co-Op is now live and with it, a new Terra Battle referral code share system which offers players the chance to get some free energy drops.

Our first impressions of co-op are that it’s a wonderful feature and now we know why Mistwalker has been taking so long in-between updates.

We love the fact that you can spend your own energy and have friends help you take on the new Terra Battle Eidolons in the game.


But we also love the fact that you can help other friends at the cost of no stamina and still receive coins and EXP – a fantastic addition that players will come to appreciate once the excitement level settles down.

For now though, we wanted to help you with a platform for sharing those referral codes. You can get a fair amount of free energy by doing this, so it is well worth your time to get some friends added to your game.

To kick things off, we’ve added our personal referral code above, so feel free to add that if you haven’t redeemed your 5 energy yet – we have a level 70 Gatz with Treasure Hunter! Once a player adds your code, you will get another 5 energy and will continue to get energy drops until you have hit the allocation of 10/10 invites.


We’ve added another image to show you confirmation of our account receiving the free energy, it’s really easy folks. In the meantime, share your referral codes below and let’s get the co-op party started together.

You can also share your Terra Battle private room numbers as well if you are looking for a personalized battle with set members.

Thoughts on Co-Op mode everyone?

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  • Al


  • Chris


  • Clem

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  • Bauba Kung Smith

    HtKxGrkY2nhJ 😉

    Add pls 😀

  • Paul


  • John Goldyn

    Use my code: DemxrKtDfvkt

  • hulk

    Please use this Code..

  • Dandan

    tbCtCwgP2TR3. Hi guys. Please use this cod after completing chapter 3. Thx !!

  • Vanessa Wu

    Use this code in the “Invite Friend” section under Redeem Code: GvdFpVz9Giuq

  • ewpak


  • tano


  • Dandan

    Hi guys. Please complete chapter 3 first. Thank you !!

  • Lindy

    Here’s my code. Feel free to add me

  • Nicolas

    VWuD6VHYPWPV here is my code to get 5x energy. Please complete chapter 3 before using it. Thank you

  • Kaymar


  • Terra Support

    use this code in the “Invite Friend” area under the “Main” section: xEPNdAPFF3vg
    redeem for 5x free energy!