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Legitimacy of 12-inch MacBook Air eye candy

Whenever we see spy shots of cars we know with almost certainty that it is the real deal, although this is not always the case when dealing with new consumer electronics, and this latest one is a fine example of that. A new image has appeared of what is to be the 12-inch MacBook Air, although there is doubt over the legitimacy of this eye candy.

Several photos have come to light of the lid and display of the upcoming MacBook Air, although we have to take this with a grain of salt. We already know that Apple has plans to announce the launch of an all-new sized Air this year, and if these images are the real deal, then you will see that not much has changed in terms of design.

Legitimacy of 12-inch MacBook Air

There is a concern if these images are in fact real, as you will notice the logo on the back of the lid does not light up, and so looks more like it is made from polished metal.

Having said that, Apple could be moving away from the light-up logo, as they could now see this as too gimmicky, something that people now associate with gaming laptops.

We already knew that Apple were looking into going in a new direction with its logo, so this could be it?



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