Temporary error 14 fix while Yahoo Mail login down

Not for the first time, it looks like there are some big problems with Yahoo Mail again. We can see that at the time of writing Yahoo Mail is down on January 21, with the email login not working due to a ‘Temporary Error 14’ message.

This problem seems to have happened within the last few hours and unfortunately, there is no ETA from Yahoo’s team on when normal service will be resumed.

The official Yahoo Mail Team Twitter page doesn’t appear to be much help at the moment either. There has been no status update from the team, to provide users with a clear answer on when Yahoo Mail will be back up.


Fortunately, we know that a lot of you are not too happy at the moment with the service so we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Above is what we found after a little digging, which confirms that the Yahoo Mail Temporary error 14 is actually a known problem for the company.

A Yahoo Help article which you can see above states that it is a technical problem but reveals some useful information. Firstly, Yahoo states that the error should correct itself ‘automatically’ after a while.

More importantly though, it looks like there is a Temporary error 14 fix for Yahoo Mail that you can try until the problems are sorted on Yahoo’s end.

Try following the steps one by one, ensuring that you have cleared your cache properly and see how you get on. Let us know if Yahoo Mail is still down for you in your area after applying this method – or if it worked for you, we hope it does.



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