EA servers down for FIFA 15, BF4, NFL15 on Jan 22

By Alan Ng - Jan 22, 2015

We can confirm that for some reason, the EA servers are down today on January 22. We thought that the issue may be specifically related to FIFA 15, but we have since seen others having problems with the likes of BF4 and Madden NFL 15 servers as well.

If you are just about to play a round of FUT, you’ll have to wait as for the moment you can’t log into FUT. As far as we’re aware, there hasn’t been any prior indication that this was planned EA server maintenance today across all games, so hopefully we’re not talking about an attack of some sort.

The official EA FIFA account on Twitter mentions no planned maintenance, so hopefully EA are aware that the servers have just gone down globally and are working on a fix asap.


Which EA game were you playing just now and have been kicked out of online play? As we try to find some answers to the surprise downtime, let us know if the EA servers are down in your area.

Can you connect right now?

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  • bikl

    No fifa in Hawaii

  • OutrageousBanana

    Fifa 15 chicago

  • bronx819

    Battlelog down on PC in Cali, but it just says “Update in progress”

  • Howard W Fisher

    Back online Houston tx

  • buds42099801

    Indeed BF4 Back up as of now. im Que in a server

  • delta4

    no severs on ps4

  • NgTurbo

    Seems EA has fixed the problem.. servers back up.. finally!

  • Saint

    I just got on… FIFA 15 on Xbox 1..

    • saint

      on FUT just to clarify

  • philip jay rushton

    They go down every other day now… and not just for a few moments, but usually for many hours or days at a time pathetically unacceptably fucktardery

  • George Uribe

    Fifa 15 down in Cali

  • omar

    Fifa 15 vegas

  • jeremy

    This is not what i bought this F**KING Game for… i just wanna play

  • JeremyKuehl

    FIFA 15 down here in Dallas, Texas

  • buds42099801

    BF4 Down 8:30 pm Alaska. Can’t even play single player.

  • john

    fifa 15 sydney australia

  • zack

    Still down Fifa 15 Maryland

  • Sam

    Nhl down in quebec canada

  • travis

    has anyone been able to log in yet????

  • ddeprogrammer

    Down in Long Beach, SoCal

  • Leo Flores

    Down here at El Paso, Texas!!! Help

  • Nate Dogg79

    I can’t log on in Minneapolis

  • Deltaratjr

    Nhl is down

  • Gualbertto Ofwgkta Gonzalez

    #FIFA15 down 11:23 PM Brownsville, TX

  • phillyphan

    Madden down phx az

  • Howard W Fisher

    Its down here in Houston TX. i spent a half a hour trying to get online. Website says its a update

  • thehindenburg

    PvZ is down!!

  • Jewlz280

    Pvz:GW is down in east TN. It’s allllllllll down.

  • liltazz817

    Bf4 down albuquerque nm

  • Hector G Martinez

    Fifa 15 Miami, Fl

  • Chris Gregory

    Battlelog site is saying that there is an UPDATE IN PROGRESS…..Come back later

  • Bro

    BF4 Philly

  • alzilla

    Madden 15 Austin Texas

  • Jacob

    Fifa fut won’t come up and keeps saying I need to create an EA origin account that I already freaking have

    • Jacob

      Please help!!!

  • khalidalomary

    guys will sanchez get an upgrade on fut

  • khalidalomary

    still down

  • Domo

    Madden15 down Midwest, IA

  • Lime

    Bf4 on ps4 down… 11:02 cst

  • bob

    MUT15 & FUT15 both down.

  • Hillcrest

    Bf4 down. Ps4. 11:54 est

  • dave

    Can’t connect to madden 15 for the ps4 on the east coast just got home from work just wanted to relaxing and play a couple games against my buddies

  • On WSHH From Harvard

    Los Angeles ea servers down

    My comment to like ratio is pretty good

  • Tee

    Madden 15 down. Denver CO

  • Johnny Lawrence

    Madden 15 down Mpls MN

  • Puff Daddy

    fifa 15 down in clemson sc

  • Evan

    Nhl 15 down. Been having problems all week with joining games and being kicked but this is the first time that the ea server issue has notified me at start up. like come on, you’re a (probably) multi billion dollar company. You guys specialize in making video games. How can you have server issues this often?


    Fifa 15 down in HoustonTX. 10:40pm. Suck it EA!

  • Rodrigo

    Fifa 15 UT on android down in tx 🙁

  • mannyfresh

    Bf 4 ps4 down. 8:41pm pacific time.

  • vtx99

    Damn, FIFA 15 down also. Been trying to make time to play & finally have some and the servers are down. Great

  • Alex

    Can’t play plants vs zombies garden warfare. I hate that everything has to be online. We get doppped into this because of course it looks awesome then plays awsome…..then U can play properly. Also Co ops modes are terrible and limits you to play with many people. Why is it so hard to make something everyone will enjoy??? You know what people like…. Come on is it really the Money. Then again look at me… Bought your game and just waiting so I can play split screen w my son and then trade off w him on online play because we both can’t play online together split screen on the same console (xbox one). Here is to the memories oh and money spent.

  • slimSmickens

    NHL 15 down ps4 on east coast of US

  • kintek

    All ea servers are down, I have tried several games BF4, NHL 13, 15, PVZ: GW, and UFC.


    FIFA15 down on Mexico

  • Fancysauce11

    Can’t play Fifa 15, annoying

  • Basar

    Fifa 15 Down In the Middle east

  • BossStrike

    Madden 15 down on the West coast


    BF4 down XBONE. FL

  • STX

    Wtf! FIFA 15 still down? The only time that I have to play for an hour! The sucks!!!

  • Bladez0286

    Madden 15 down on east coast USA for Xbox one

  • gay lizzard

    new gen sucks….this didn’t happen this often in the older consoles

  • corey


  • corey

    It’s not xbox 1 or ps4. It’s all the shark cards and extra add on money making crap. Thanks EA. You turned into a phone app.

  • nazadder

    Fifa 15 down in London UK as well.

  • Vlatos Contos


  • Hi

    Fifa 15 Down in Virginia

  • Vlatos Contos

    NHL 15 is down too 🙁

  • DeepDolphin

    I believe that almost all of their servers are down, because origin can’t connect.

  • alucard

    this is horrible…it didnt happened w previous gen consoles…i want my money back…ps4 and xbox1 they both suck

    • bladez0286

      Not a console issue as ps3 and Xbox 360s are experiencing the same issue.

  • bb



    Down in NM… no Madden

  • tom

    Cant play Madden 15

  • Anthony Vanegas

    Good to know that it wasn’t only me.

    Well, I guess I will just play AvP for the rest of day. 😛

    • NgTurbo

      Which AvP you referring to? 😀

      • Anthony Vanegas

        Aliens vs Predator (2010), PS3.

        • NgTurbo

          Great game! Although the PC one was better imo.. 😛

        • Anthony Vanegas

          My PC can’t run any games. 🙁

  • BlauGrana

    fifa 15 for ps4 still down

  • insani

    ea sports UFC down as well…


    Join multiplayer, wait about 30 seconds… … … … “The connection with EA a online was lost” hit ‘A’ OK Join multiplayer, wait about 30 seconds… … … … “The connection with EA a online was lost” hit ‘A’ OK Join multiplayer, wait about 30 seconds… … … … “The connection with EA a online was lost” hit ‘A’ OKJoin multiplayer, wait about 30 seconds… … … … “The connection with EA a online was leishmania jj gdjwnzjxhdh. Hshshahsha hhs


    No BF4 phantom bow kills for this big kid. Sad, sad face.

  • Chris Gregory

    Any word from EA?

  • Jason Loster

    Madden 15 Xbox One is down as well :/

  • ed

    MUT 15 PS3 down in Vegas

  • Mike

    Bf4 is down. “The connection with EA online was lost.”

  • randy

    When is gonna be fixed

    • Ashton

      I can’t seem to play battlefield 4. I was playing it 30 minites ago. I left to go do something so I quit it on my xbox one. Came back loaded it up again and it just stays stuck in the loading screen wtf.?

      • Dave

        Does the same on my ps4