Pokemon ORAS Hoopa event release date hype for trades

By Alan Ng - Jan 21, 2015

We were waiting for this inevitable day to come and now we can see that it is finally upon us. Hoopa, aka the worst kept secret in Game Freak’s locker is finally official – as Nintendo has just released a trailer for him.

More importantly, it suggests that the Pokemon ORAS Hoopa event release date is coming sooner rather than later. This will give normal players a chance at last to obtain the Pokemon officially and not have to resort to naughty hacks which 80% of the Pokemon community have done by hacking Pokemon X and Y to death.

We’ve added the trailer below for your viewing pleasure. Nintendo make no mention of Hoopa’s availability, but we’ve seen from past trends that when a trailer is out – details on event giveaways via GAME in the UK and Gamestop in the US usually follow.


In the meantime, we have spotted something else that is going on. Over on Twitter, we can see that many users are offering Hoopa giveaways to trade with other Pokemon.

Whether that it due to sheer guilt over the fact that they’ve had a hacked Pokemon in their inventory for close to a year remains to be seen, but it’s happening.

Let us know your thoughts on Hoopa finally arriving in Pokemon ORAS. We bet that most of you have already seen the event dialog which is live in the game at the moment – but have you cheated to obtain him early?

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  • axle ellsworth

    i can’t what for hoopa

  • Nomis

    Agree with Gamer M. Where I am these events aren’t available, so it has a tendency to ruin that side of the experience for my Pokemon fan community. Generalizing availability of ‘Pokemon primarily in my opinion should always be the option.

  • Gamer M

    There should be a legit way to get all the pokemon. Events like this should be reserved for special pokemon alterations or fun items. Pokemon old anime song used to say “Gotta catch em all”.

  • Will

    Sadly I have an American 3ds but I live in England so I can’t get the American code

  • tony

    The true potential is way more than the crap that is shown in the video however i find hoopa very useless because it cant learn every psychic move it cant learn the more powerful moves so he just hangs out in my pc

    • Lololololololol

      It’s also a Ghost type so let’s not forget that it won’t be able to learn ALL Psychic moves.

    • Laura

      There are rumors about a special item for hoopa with the item, he become more stronger and he receives a cool look
      ps. sorry for bad English I’m Dutch.

    • getrektscrub

      do you really know anything about pokemon besides “cool moves”? Hoopa has ridiculous base spAttack. Besides, who teaches a pokemon only one type of move?

      • Franchesca Leagan

        Teaching only one move type makes it harder towin battles and get through certain areas of game.
        Personally I prefer mix of moves. But do what works for you

  • Mecha Leo

    Well that trailer didn’t explain anything. It showed a hula hoop thingy using generic moves. Just look up the true potential of this thing.