Next PS4 firmware update in Jan or Feb, 2015

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 21, 2015

Last month, we looked at what might be for the next PS4 2.04 firmware update and the release pattern revealed it could have arrived any time. Now almost 2 months on, we are still waiting for the PlayStation 4 to receive a new system software update with 2.03 being the last install.

The next PS4 update is certainly taking longer to appear than some gamers hoped, especially when you look at problems being reported within this wishlist for next firmware. Requests range from boosting PS4 recording quality to sound issues, although some of these problems might be isolated cases.

Latest PS4 2.04 firmware update in Jan or Feb – now that we have well and truly moved into 2015, there was hopes to see the latest system software update in early January and this never happened. We are closing in on the end of Jan, so it could be that PlayStation gamers will need to wait until February for their system fixes and possible new features.


Considering the last system update released on December 3rd and before this, it was November 11th, 2014. The monthly pattern would be welcomed by many, especially if you have been waiting for certain features or fixes to ongoing problems. We are now 49 days since the previous firmware, which released exactly 7 weeks ago today on a Wednesday.

Are you in no rush for the next PS4 firmware update and would be happy to see it release in Feb, or must the update arrive in Jan in your opinion? You can almost certainly count on a regular system stability update by the latest next month, although if we do see the firmware go live with new features, then Product Reviews readers will be the first to know.

Leave your wish list for fixes and features below, also when you would ideally like to see another system upgrade.

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  • E Cook

    Bloody flash player would be appreciated!

  • Richard Shane Wiseman

    I want the feature to be able to use multiple profiles so when my friends and family want to play all at the same time like I did when I played on Xbox 360 I used to be a Xbox fan boy but now I am a ps4 fan boy I love my ps4 I loved that feature on the Xbox 360 we the players need the features that we want because we the players are the ones that buy the games and consoles and that is the way that Sony makes its big paychecks each week so step it up Sony we also want more updates if you want to continue to beat Xbox one then give us great features to use and more frequent updates instead of making us wait for them for ever we want better games from Sony and more performance boost and enough with the stability updates we need features that sony promised and then some rant over step it up Sony

  • David Crowley

    being able to use a usb stick to watch movies of on the ps4

  • Being able to actually hear audio on my Razer Krakens Chromas….

  • Psytrix

    A dedicated music player like the PS3 had – the ability to plug in and consume media off an external drive, streaming, a dedicated VOIP app like Skype!

    • jiro

      They added music player in 2.0 update you must have fat32 formated usb stick and create folder called “MUSIC” and then in there you put all your mp3 files and then just plug in your usb in ps4 and icon “usb music player” will appear on home screen and then you can listen to your music (even while in any game)

  • Austin

    ability to change psn id please

  • Chris Canning

    Using a third party bluetooth headset would be nice

    • paul

      Thats all i want

  • Andrea Sala

    being able to save photos and music files from usb to internal hdd would be a nice to have in the next update. so if it takes a bit longer to implement it into this update then I am willing to wait for it.

  • RJ

    I’m most looking forward to being able to plug my usb hd into the PS4 to watch my own media of videos and more. This is one feature from the PS3 I miss the most. I would also like to put my games in a folder and not a super long xmb like it is now. Just a thought

  • Every cloud has a silver lining. So, no worry if I need to wait for 1 more month.

  • Christian Diaz

    I would love to be able to use my own custom themes.

  • me

    No rush. Also why did people complain when sony did lots of updates on ps3 and then when they dont do it on ps4 you complain.

    • Blazin_28

      It wasnt the frequency of the updates that bothered us it was the lack of features and enhancements that was the problem. Almost every update was for “stability”.

      • Lee

        Comments like this rile me. In future maybe they should just not bother improving the core system architecture. “Stability” tends to mean laying the paving stones for the next big firmware update. Sometimes you can’t just bundle all changes in one go and expect them to work, you gotta lay foundations.

        • Blazin_28

          I understand the need for stability updates. Just not 20 in a row before another feature comes out. Xbox one has had almost monthy real updates with things that actually matter. Im just saying a little more frequency on feature updates would be nice.

  • Rob

    I want to see the PS4 2.04 update this month.

  • Lewis

    I enjoy seeing regular updates, even if only for stability. This month please Sony.