Minecraft Crossy Road V3 map download live

We’ve already told you about how to unlock Crossy Road secret characters from the addictive mobile game, but now we have a special treat. Did you know that Crossy Road is also playable inside Minecraft?

That’s right, as another crazy mod has popped up with the Minecraft Crossy Road V3 map download which is now live and available for everyone who is familiar with installing mods on the PC version of the game.

Just like the mobile app, the concept is the same. Use your Minecraft character to dodge incoming cars, jump across moving logs and obstacles – all whilst avoiding getting hit.


In this mod, you’ll earn gold during runs, gold which you can use to unlock new characters to play as – including a chicken. If you manage to last 10 minutes, you’ll also get a special gift which you can use to get even more gold.

It’s a simple mod but a great one if you are currently loving the mobile app. Best of all, it’s completely free to play – find out full details over at the Minecraft forums, including the Crossy Road V3 download link for Minecraft.

Let us know what you think about this mod – what is the furthest you have got so far?



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