FIFA 15 FUT maintenance brings servers down on Jan 21

We have a quick heads-up for all FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players now. If you are wondering why you cannot play online at the moment, we can confirm that FIFA 15 servers are down today on January 21 due to scheduled maintenance from EA.

The developer gave players a heads-up last night, but have again confirmed minutes ago that the maintenance window is live.

This seems to be an occurring theme with regards to planned maintenance, as we can see that FIFA 15 servers will be back up in three hours – the same maintenance window which we saw in December last month.


A Tweet from EA confirms the outage at the moment – so those asking what time will the FIFA 15 FUT servers be back up – expect normal play to resume at 9am GMT on Wednesday, 1am in the morning Pacific Time and 4am Eastern Time.

For those asking, the FIFA 15 Web app is down too at the moment so the maintenance is affecting all elements of online FIFA 15 activity for now.

Let’s hope that there will not be any further problems which cause FUT to be down later than the scheduled times. Are the FIFA 15 down for you at the moment in your area?

As we all wait for the servers to be back, tell us how many TOTY cards you managed to pick up.



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