Crux of Crota drop rate for Necrochasm in Destiny

By Alan Ng - Jan 21, 2015

We can see that some of you have already managed to take down the mighty Crota on the new Crota’s End raid on hard difficutly. As far as we’re aware though, nobody has managed to obtain the rare Crux of Crota – leading to questions for Bungie on what is the exact Crux of Crota drop date for the Necrochasm upgrade.

We’ve already told you about one successful Crota’s End hard mode run gameplay – although none of the members in that video received the Crux of Crota at the end, although one did get the Will of Crota.

We’ve seen other videos too and nobody seems to have picked up the Crux of Crota. Everybody is asking Bungie at the moment if they have actually put the drop in the game on hard mode, but we’re sure they have as they have already posted a statement about the launch of hard mode on their blog.


It reads: “Don’t forget that Hard Mode is also the only place to obtain “Crux of Crota,” the final piece needed to upgrade the Eidolon Ally”so it’s definitely in there.

It leads us to believe that the Crux of Crota drop rate could be something like 5%, which is probably why nobody has managed to get one yet.

It also tells us that the Necrochasm is going to be unbelievable, so Bungie doesn’t want to put it in the hands of gamers too easily – especially now we have a situation with everyone using Ice Breakers in the game.

Give us your experiences with Crota’s End hard mode so far. How many successful runs have you managed so far and what drops did you get?

If you know anyone who has the Crux of Crota and Necrochasm already, post evidence below!

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  • HONCHO21

    Just dropped for 3 of us and I was one of them

  • Clutchth1s

    I have the crux of crota my gamertag is clutchth1s. But be ready to be disappointed yet again with destiny when you get it because the impact on it Blows.. Thanks destiny for leading us to beleave you gave us something amazing cause we have to beat a raid on hard to get something then boom dropping a giant pile of poo in our laps again.. Dont worry we are getting used to it..

  • Mattj2578

    If anyone would like to review my profile, I confirm the drop of the crux of crota on my level 31 hunter on my second playthrough. Apparantly you need the shader equipped or it has a 0% chance if dropping, anyway Psn is : flacid_phallus anyone need help with raids feel free to check me out I will be uploading a video of nechro gameplay this weekend

  • Lee Ripley

    You can do the raid over and over the same week for more chance to get the crux even if you got all drops the crux can drop alone some one took 50 goes to get it i was lucky on my 1st attempt this week good luck all

  • Lee Ripley

    Lee ripley had the crux drop on 4th run but completed with all charactors last week and had the shader on. It comes fully upgraded I was the only member to get the drop

  • ceasterw

    I have nechrocasm, Xbox One dropped around 9am after Crota defeat. GT Dirty Deagzz

    • ceasterw

      You can inspect player.

  • Trevor James Shreve

    We beat it 5 times 3 times jest yesterday

  • Momo

    Veroli on xbox has the nechrocasm 🙁

  • Racistninjas

    Check out Veroli on Bungie player search, he somehow has one fully upgraded.

  • Li1y Grace

    I’ve completed it three times now (once with each class) and have dropped all four primary weapons (plus a second scout rifle!). Haven’t yet seen a crux.
    To anyone that had yet to beat it, would definitely recommend not killing the Knights to avoid Wizard spawns!
    Good luck Guardians 🙂

  • Boyz of the light

    I have obtained the crux my first and only play through so far. I also got the vex my first time doing atheon hard. Maybe because it’s drops are based on hours played, giving you more of a chance? 1200hours plus

    • D2

      No you did not get the crux.

    • NgTurbo

      Does the Boyz of the light got any evidence?

  • kyle

    Only seen 1 person get a Crux so far. He was the one who died the most in our fire team…so much rage.

    • danno

      I have received the abyss defiant from beating the sword bearers bridge and I can say its probably equal to suros

      • E2

        In your dreams. It’s nowhere near good as the suros.

        • Tblock Epoch

          I have the necrochasm bungie search tblock123

    • C2

      This guy is mistaking the crux with abyss defiant or is talking out of his ass.

  • demonshin

    I down it twice last night with my clan on my Titan and Hunter. I only got helm for my titan, arms, legs for hunter and abyss defiant. Clanmates got the hand cannon, scout and pulse rifle. We spent 2 hours learning how everything works we had trouble with the instant enraged lol

  • Austin

    The same thing that happened with the Husk of the Pit, will happen to the Crux of Crota. In a couple weeks there may be a small update to something and suddenly we will see them pop up. Bungie probably wants people to use the other primary guns before it unloads the Necrochasm.

  • brandon

    I’m passed, I got the crux on a random drop doing patrols on earth a couple weeks ago and Had no idea what it was so I trashed it. Fml

    • Zach


    • Symbiotx

      You got the Husk of the Pit, not the Crux of Crota.

  • Rage187

    Finished it a couple times last night and never saw it drop. I dislike how each encounter has a specific weapon drop.

    We finished Crota without having killed one boomer, one wizard or a GK. It was about 10 mins of play but 2-3 hours of practice and strategy development.

    • Alex

      Can I ask what your strategy was?

      • Rage187

        If you are on psn, hit me up at Jeffers88 and I’ll explain. Have a Crota checkpoint on either hard or normal and I’ll walk you through it.

        I’m happy to walk groups through it if they play regularly together.

    • Mezi-Crochet

      Samething for us! 4 hours of practice but we did it! We’re ok now, we’ll do it as much as we want!

  • Jiffers

    You saw crux drop?

  • Jay

    my raid team i beat crota with yesterday had a very good strategy to get cotta down in under 10 min

  • Jay

    i was on ign twitch stream yesterday and people managed to get it quite a few

  • Andy smith

    I would bet that you have to beat the raid in a certain way like the Templar chest from FOG
    Maybe have to kill gatekeeper each time you grab sword before you hit crota in order to get it.
    Why else would it be there. they could add any monster to stop people going mid but they added a gatekeeper. ask yourself why.

    • Andy smith

      Obviously i meant VOG

    • Puerple_haze

      because GK is only enemy immune to fire, if he were any other enemy it would be too easy to camp mid… You dont need mid, nor to touch GK

  • Zach Yoder

    Been playing since day 1{and Beta} and still haven’t even gotten an exotic drop. Bought all I have AND cuz LizardSqaud, I couldn’t even buy what I wanted.

    I think I’m done. You can only get screwed so many times before you say “wow. Should I start buying lube?

    • John

      I got the game 3 days after release and have been 32 for a few weeks so I play a decent amount and finally got my first exotic drop on this weeks nightfall. So I know how you feel.

      • demonshin

        It is crazy to hear stories like this because I gotten so many exotics from nightfall, vog and crota. Not trying to be rude, I have 3 hawkmoons, 3 ice breakers, 2 ghallahorns and bunch more and gear. Everyone in my clan has multiple exotics. Then I hear stories like this…do you only play one character? I have 3 different characters each class this to help get more drops and I got bored playing the same class over and over again lol.

        • WFLS

          same I’ve gotten three universal remotes an ice breaker two patience and times a truth a jelly horn just recently got two masks of the third man and a bunch of other armor

  • ZoSicc

    Ran the raid 3 times and recieved all primary weapons except for crux of course

    • NgTurbo

      Nice work man..starting to think the odds may be like 2%, not 5 haha