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MultiCraft II review, the free alternative to Minecraft PE

MultiCraft II might be the free alternative to Minecraft PE, but it is not without its issues. However, some of you will be able to put some of the problems aside if it means getting the Minecraft experience on your Google device without any cost.

We have come across what seems to be the only MultiCraft II review and looks into the many different aspects of this latest app for those that love everything about Minecraft, but are unwilling to part with any money.

Within the review it is pointed out that MultiCraft II looks more like an older version of MCPE and so lacks the stability you get when you pay for the real version. However, that is a small price to pay for it being free, well balanced in terms of its difficulty and quality sound. Having said that, the ads might take its toll on you after a while.

MultiCraft II review

The reviewer said that the first time you load the game it takes a while in order for it to set itself up. Once the world has loaded it is like you are thrust into something without any explanation of how you play the game, which can be a bit daunting.

However, you will already have a few tools at your disposal, and just like the real version you will be able to build and knock down blocks. Not all is like the official Minecraft Pocket Edition, as the monsters are buggy, and the controls lousy.

Check out the full review here, or if you do not mind giving it a chance then you can download MultiCraft II from the Google Play Store.



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