Kill Destiny Gatekeeper without a sword strategy

We have stumbled across something interesting which we think Destiny players may enjoy. Those who often have problems dealing with the Gatekeeper in Crota’s End may want to know that there is one Destiny Gatekeeper strategy that allows you to defeat him without even using a sword.

As crazy as that sounds, we have video evidence to show you how it is done. We’ve just seen Bungie deploy a recent patch for the game that fixes up other loopholes in Crota’s End, but we don’t think Bungie has spotted this one – yet.

It turns out that you can simply punch the Gatekeeper until he falls off the end in hilarious fashion. To do it, you need to lure the Gatekeeper towards the bridge.


Once done, you need to set up your bubble so that the Gatekeeper will move backwards towards the ledge whilst blinded. From here, you can punch away till he falls off the ledge for an easy kill.

The video below shows you exactly how this is done, courtesy of YouTuber Sapp3sson. Check it out and let us know if you have tried this sneaky little method on the Gatekeeper.

Is this the best kill strategy that you have seen for dealing with the Gatekeeper in Destiny? If not, share your experiences with us below!



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