Gamers furious over 2K servers down again

Last week we spoke about some problems with the 2K servers, specifically leading to the NBA 2K15 sign-in being down. Unfortunately, it looks like the company is having issues once again as we are seeing another bout of 2K server downtime on January 19/20.

If gamers were not happy last week during the downtime, you can imagine how emotions are at the moment after seeing 2K servers down today again today.

Right now, we can see that complaints are flooding in on Twitter from many who are basically begging 2K to upgrade their servers so that they can maintain stability at a consistent level.


At the moment though, the 2K servers are down for NBA 2K15, WWE 2K15 and other 2K games. We can confirm that this isn’t planned 2K server maintenance, as 2K has sent out the Tweet below minutes ago to say that they are currently ‘investigating’ server issues.

Let us know your status at the moment. Can you login to 2K games at the moment, or are the servers completely down in your area? We’ll update this when we have a 2K server status update for you.



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