Xbox One Games with Gold February 2015 revealed early

By Alan Ng - Jan 19, 2015

We are closing in on another Xbox Games with Gold update. With the January game coming to a close with D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, we wanted to give you a quick reminder that the Xbox One Games with Gold February 2015 free game has already been revealed early.

This seems to be a growing trend with the game revealed ahead of schedule and we have to say we love the extra heads-up. Microsoft will not announce the full Games with Gold February 2015 lineup until the last week of January, but we can already tell you what the main game on Xbox One is.

Last month, you may have missed the fact that IDARB was announced by Other Ocean Interactive, as the free Xbox One game for Games with Gold in February 2015.

IDARB stands for It Draws a Red Box and is an 8-bit style, 2D platformer that combines hockey and basketball into one crazy couch co-op E-sports game.


There will be support for 8 players locally, but also support for online multiplayer as well – with players able to create their own sprite from scratch to use in the game.

It is wacky, but most importantly it looks like a ton of fun. Watch the video which we have added below for an idea of how the gameplay experience will be like.

We’re presuming that IDARB will be the only game that is offered on Xbox One for Games with Gold, since Microsoft has gone back to only offering a single game each month recently.

Let us know your immediate thoughts on IDARB and whether you are happy to have this as your free game. As a Gold subscriber, are you a bit disappointed that Microsoft are still not offering ‘AAA’ games like Sony are with PS Plus?

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  • Edd

    Disappointed at this…

  • A Non

    I don’t see complaining as entitlement. Xbox community was promised that the offerings would be better than at the start and so far that hasn’t really happened with few exceptions. Giving arcade titles as free isn’t really a benefit. Some of those games would probably not get downloaded otherwise so it increases the likelihood that those who didn’t get it for free may pay for it as it gets moved up on “most downloaded” lists. It’s kinda like saying Diablo 3 moved millions of units but counting all those who got it for “free” by subbing to WoW for a year.

  • Wayne Stevens

    Love the self sense of entitlement of some of you people.. 2 years ago.. there was no Games with Gold, we just had xbox live and that was it.. But because MS is giving away FREE games and they are not what you want you’re all bitching..

    • Rocky

      I can’t speak for other countries, but in the USA XBox Gold customers ARE ENTITLED to free games because our laws dictate truth in advertising. Microsoft advertises free games with Gold Memberships, so the consumer who purchases a gold membership IS INTITLED to the free games.

  • Phillip Moore

    I will not be downloading or playing this garbage

  • Travis

    Well I’m a little disappointed it’s not a aaa game however I’ve watched a video and it looks fun

    • OMGcomplain

      not even an aa game

      • Travis

        That’s ok I don’t do aa anyways I like my liquor too much haha

  • doug

    Just because a game is an arcade/indie game does not make it a bad game. Some of the best games for the 360 were from indie developers, for example Super Meat Boy

  • xbox for life

    wow this makes me sick,ps4 is starting to be the better value

  • Wat Dafuq

    Waste of HDD space. I’ll pass on this garbage.

  • pissed off gamer

    I agree i when i got my xbone i heard that they were gonna change from low standerd crappy games to some which are actualy worth downloading but so far its just been a huge dissapointment

  • Marvel Misfit


  • Sayersttu


  • Kelly Marion

    I love how there wasting our time with pitiful low jack games theres already two or more games that could easily be games with gold standard killer instinct or warriors orochi 3. It feels like microsoft is just going to keep low balling us xbone users…

  • mnoonan136

    To me it is rather absurd that 360 owners still receive the “popular” games, though it does make sense that they don’t, mostly because they’re really are no “popular” games that could be given out for free. Developers and publishers need to make money. But still, it’s not fair, it seems as if us Xbox One owners are getting punished for buying our new consoles early.

  • DutchPplRock

    Omg, when are they actually going to give us a fun and good game to play? Not those crappy arcade games, I know they are full games but those really looks like arcade games to me

  • radical

    By God, why are the gold games so crap. The psn games are not brilliant either but this.

  • Ernie

    Really dissapointing, fortunately I own both but past 2 months the ps plus subscription is the one paying dividends, injustice and infamous first light compared to worms battlegrounds and D4. I know where my monies better spent at present.

  • TheBlueFreezy

    very disapointing

  • satangotmylungs

    agreed nothin about it is free, downloading it alone cost you money w/ data

  • DeFrank


  • Dex

    Why is everyone saying that it’s free? It isn’t. It is a benefit of paying for a membership of Xbox Live Gold.

  • John Corcoran

    The amount of little turds on here that are butt-hurt that about the TOTALLY FREE game not being the amazing shiny new expensive next-gen game of their choice, is frickin ridiculous. It’s self-entitled little jack-asses like these that give the video game fan-base a bad rep and ruin it for everyone else. Get your collective heads out of your asses.

    • adam

      it’s not totally free, it’s a perk of being a gold subscriber, and people are comparing it to the competitive pricing and games list that PSN offers, which is better all-around than Microsoft’s offerings. It’s a simple statement of facts. You’re acting like a self-entitled jack-ass by acting the way you are, so you’re in fact no better than those you attempt to condemn. You still make the rest of us who are actually intelligent in the gaming community look bad.

    • Slugrat

      Okay, they’re free, but they’re still bad games. It doesn’t matter if it’s free. If it’s a game hardly anybody will ever download or play for more than an hour, then it’s pointless and games with gold shouldn’t even exist. I’m not complaining since I refuse to pay for Gold anymore (PS4 ftw) but I can understand why these people are angry. PS4 gets way better free games, which probably bothers dedicated Xbox One owners because they chose to go with Microsoft, and Microsoft ends up giving them bad free games, while Sony gives their customers good free games.

  • Argohir@D20Gaming

    I believe the biggest issue with this is not that the game offered are not “AAA” like Sony has begun to do, but the fact that the games offered are stuck back in an age of gaming that was left a long time ago. Why did we all go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new console and XBox Live to constantly be bombarded by these 8-bit style games? It’s a let down and to be honest a big ass slap in the face to those of us who spend our money on these products. Granted indie developers will always be behind the curve a little because they are indie developers, but at the same why is that all we are getting offered as consumers when there is higher quality games out there to be offered? I could understand if MS can’t give us higher quality games because of binding contracts or something, but if this is the case tell your customers and not leave them in the dark waiting for the announcement of a good game to be revealed for free, but then give them this crap. In my opinion MS needs to look at their sales and begin to release free games that appeal to the larger audiences, because let us all be honest even if you download this dribble you will start it up get to the menu screen and decide to your self “Why am I playing this when I have Sunset Overdrive or another “AAA” title I own in my collection?” because this is what I asked myself for the past few months with Volgarr and Super Time Force and all the other needless time locked games that have been released. I know there are people out there that enjoy these indie games, but the vast majority of us do not. If we wanted this quality of game we would have stayed on GameBoy, honestly, if we can not be offered what we as consumers have the right to request then tell us why and not just give us dribble. But at the same time it is also us as consumers to blame. If we want better quality from our free games we need to realize as long as we pay MS for Xbox Live we are allowing them to just overlook our complaints. If we really want them to notice what we want then we need to stop paying for the service. Vote with your wallet and they will listen.

    • John Corcoran

      YEAH! Vote with your wallet… Wait an effing minute…
      Are you actually whining about not getting what you want, FOR FREE?? If you dont want the free game dont download it. Go buy a game like normal people. What the actual f*ck? Do you think you are entitled to free AAA games just because you bought the system?

      • Adrian Reaves

        Two issues with your stance. (1) The competition. Sony is offering better quality games than MS. (2) The money. It’s not “free”; I pay for my Gold Subscription, part of that deal was for monthly game downloads. Of course people who shelled out $ are going to be disappointed with these offerings. I’m not saying Sunset Overdrive needs to be the Feb game, but come on man, how can you be okay with these retro indie games as the standard? I’m a MS fan (heck I even own a WP8), but they are losing the perceived value battle.

        • Reid Knight

          One issue with your statement. You pay 5 dollars a month for Gold. You can’t be disappointed in getting a 10-15 dollar indie game for free.

        • Brock

          But the game isn’t worth 10-15 dollars, I can literally make a better game myself with scratch in under an hour if I really wanted to, I agree with Adrian 100% I’m a fan of MS we pay for gold and we payed for the system, we are what makes xbox a successful product, but making us pay for the system then the game then pay even more to play a game online is unreasonable, if you purchase a game and a system you should have every right to have full function of the game, to play 100% of the game, not just part of it, throwing all these expenses definitely gives us the right to complain about getting shitty indie games, it’s like buying a car with a broken engine but the seller didn’t state it has a broken engine

        • adam

          actually, you can. Especially when PSN subs are paying less than what Gold subs are, and are STILL getting games worth far more than $15. You’re flat wrong, and missing the point of COMPETITION and where MS is failing miserably at it.

        • paul

          But when you run out of your PS+ subscription you also lose your games. where if i don’t want to pay for gold for awhile, i can still play those free games i did download, during my down time. The games for the xbox one aren’t the best looking games out there, but the next gen library isnt too big to be giving out Triple A games. They don’t want to give out a gem for free while they are still making money on it.

        • Adrian Reaves

          Only when I see the better titles that Playstation owners are getting.

  • bb777

    Trust by the end of next month everyone that has a X1 will be playing IDARB

    • adam

      or, you know, they won’t.

    • mnoonan136

      Haha to be quite honest, it looks fun and I am definitely going to give it a chance.

  • SgtPepper1806

    I don’t get the hate. MS aren’t obligated to give you anything for free. Hell, PS only started giving away free games after the hack that lost everyone’s credit card details.

    • KC

      Not true at all. Sony started giving away games in 2010, the year before the hack.

  • joe

    All these games sucks. Ps4 got outlast, don’t starve, and some tohers that were actually good, xbox one has been giving me crap.

    • The S1im Reaper

      Xbox one has Outlast there buddy, but go ahead and keep spewing non-sense across the boards

      • DeFrank

        He means that PS Plus users got Outlast last year for free.

      • Phillip Moore


  • HeatFan786

    Weak. Sony gave PS+ users Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition for free. We keep on getting these “Games” for free on the X1. I haven’t played a single one since I am not an Indy gamer.

    • Xbox One

      You good at injustice? No? Stfu

      • HeatFan786

        Yeah, I can play you on it, wait….. oh that’s right, Xbox One doesn’t have it. You can GTFO yourself.

        • jhjgvhgcv

          smite. 😛

        • adam

          smite being a free addition, while being great, has nothing to do with games for gold.

      • adam

        what point are you trying to make, kid? No one cares if you’re good at a game or not, if they like it, then obviously that’s what matters.
        Step down off the internet child.

      • Phillip Moore


  • ?????


  • pouratitdude

    I for one am disappointed that I can get a game like The Witcher 2 for free for my 360 (which i already own), yet get this game, WTF! It’s just some crap wanna-be NES game pretending that its still 1991 for the Xbox 1. oooh, but i can play this crap with half a dozen of my friends…so now we can all go back in time.

    When will game designers stop making games like this for the Xbox 1? This game seems perfect for a phone, or a iPad or one of those 30 games in one joystick controller game machines that are full of games that sired this drivel.

    It is a shame that xboxlive doesn’t implement a policy similar to sony’s, IMO. Perhaps if they offered access to one AAA title for a limited time (say 7-14 days) with a small discount available at the end of the trial, say 10% off, towards the purchase.

    Something like that, getting to test drive a game, could make me consider buying games I’ve heard nothing but crap about, like Ryse and Titanfall and Lords of the Fallen and FIFA 15 and the last 2 Ass Creed games and pretty much all the hastily launched new titles.

    • Guest

      *gives the pony hay* That’s a good boy…

    • adam

      I don’t mind that XB1 developers are making indie titles like this, I just don’t want them as free games when I’m flat-out not interested in them.

  • blzzy_gie

    Why would anyone be disappointed because of Sony’s offerings ? neither two they have offered so far have been worth the disc space,I didn’t bother downloading the first one after trying it elsewhere and the second one I deleted after a day I would prefer they put out more indie titles at least they have game play.

    • NgTurbo

      Except when MS offered Max: Curse of the Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault in June 2014 on Xbox One – the first month that Games with Gold opened for XB1.

      • blzzy_gie

        Yes they offered but were not policy.

        • adam

          first offering generally denotes policy, until they changed it.

    • jeff

      I agree with your first sentence.

  • lygamnt

    This game looks like a blast. Cant wait.

    • pidgeman

      If ‘blast ‘ is an acronym for ‘Bloody Lame Ass Steaming Turd’ then I agree.