Unlock Crossy Road secret character Matt Hall in minutes

By Alan Ng - Jan 19, 2015

If you loved games such as Flappy Bird, one of the latest apps that is taking social media by storm is the Crossy Road app for iPhone and Android.

For those that are already playing and loving it, we have a quick heads-up on how to unlock Crossy Road secret character Matt Hall – who is one of the developers in the game.

We can confirm that he is one of the developers that is playable, but we know that many of you are asking how to get secret characters in Crossy Road, as it isn’t immediately clear.


Fortunately, the process is a simple one though. To get Matt Hall, you need to play through the game as Lucky Cat, which is Matt Hall’s favorite character in the game.

Achieving a high score as the Lucky Cat should unlock Matt Hall in Crossy Road. For those that need help on this, we’ve found a video which shows you the complete process in minutes.

Crossy Road is great fun and we’ve been loving it so far. Have you found all of the secret characters in Crossy Road though? Share your experiences below and let us know what characters you are still looking for.

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  • Anne Onymous

    i cant beat my high score which is 319

  • Anonymous

    You dont need to get a high score, you only need to get a great score , which is usually 20 points before your high score. If u get a really high score, then it will be harder to get the other mystery characters ( if u havent already got them).

    Hope this is useful xx

  • Random Commenter

    Occasionally a strange whale will float through the river like a one tile log. If you hop on it at least once, after completing the level, you will obtain the hipster whale character.

    • devo

      I have the duck and the lucky cat but can’t beat my high score witch is 237