Excitement for GTA V PC preload start time

With the GTA V PC release date now rescheduled for March 24, we wanted to confirm one highly asked question among the community in the build-up to release.

For those wondering, yes we can say that there will definitely be a GTA V PC preload in March. Rockstar has not announced the exact GTA V PC preload start time on Steam yet, but they have confirmed it will be available to players when recently discussing pre-order bonuses.

It essentially means that those who are desperate to get their hands on the game as soon as possible, will be able to download GTA V on PC online early so that you have all of the data ready to go the minute Rockstar turns on those PC servers.


Remember that all pre-orders for the game will get you $500,000 cash for GTA Online, while getting the game before February 1 on Steam will get you an extra $300,000 and a digital copy of GTA: San Andreas.

That’s a great incentive in our opinion and a very nice way for Rockstar to effectively say – thanks for waiting. GTA San Andreas is still one of the finest games in the entire series let’s not forget.

As soon as we have the confirmed time, we will update this and give you the details. Are you excited about the upcoming launch? Share your expectations below.

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